Lent 2017

Resources for Lent 2017

Lent is the season of preparation in the weeks leading up to Easter when believers reflect on Jesus Christ—his life, death, burial, and resurrection. Such preparation often includes days of fasting. For more information on Lent, read my blog post, "The Daniel Fast and Lent 2017." You can choose from a variety of ways to participate in Lent 2017. There is no hard and fast rule as to what your fast should look like. For example, some people will do a Daniel Fast for the entire Lenten season (March 1 to April 15). Others will fast one day a week from now until Easter. Maybe you want to do a combination of … {Read More}

Pray for President Trump

Call to Prayer for President Donald Trump

As I drove my daughters to school this morning, I turned on our local Christian radio station. The DJ was explaining how he had accidentally left his microphone on during the last break, which broadcast his discussion with a co-worker to thousands of listeners. The conversation was about a disturbing article he “just happened” to see on a newsfeed. He read that witches around the country will cast a spell on President Donald Trump and his supporters tonight, February 24, at midnight (Eastern time). Future hexing dates are also scheduled for March 26, April 24, and May 23. Immediately, I explained to my girls how this situation is … {Read More}

Lent 2017

The Daniel Fast and Lent 2017

As an author, I'm a big fan of words. I enjoy looking up definitions to understand terms in a deeper way. So when I began writing this blog post about Lent 2017, of course, I had to do research on "lent." The word "lent" comes from the Old English term "lencten," which means "spring." On the surface, the meaning seems nice and sweet. After all, Spring is a wonderful season of the year. The weather turns warmer. Flowers begin to bloom. Nature comes alive. What's not to like? But you can't experience the beauty of Spring without the harshness of Winter. Frigid temperatures. Brown, … {Read More}