9-25-09 Devotion: You gotta get out of the boat.

Peter was exhausted. He and the other disciples had spent all day with Jesus ministering to the crowds of people who followed them. He had even witnessed the miraculous feeding of more than 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. When it began to get late, Jesus stayed on the shore to pray and sent the disciples off in a boat on ahead of him to get some rest.

That night, however, the wind picked up and began tossing the boat back and forth on the water. The waves crashed against the boat, making it hard for the disciples to row. Jesus saw their struggle and went out to them by walking on the water. When the disciples saw him, they were terrified because they thought he was a ghost. But, Jesus told them, “Take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid (Matthew 14:27).”

Peter, the bold leader that he was, said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water (14:28).” Jesus said, “Come,” and Peter got down out of the boat. He took a huge step of faith by putting his feet in the water and started walking toward the Lord.

What Peter did makes absolutely no sense. People don’t walk on water! That just doesn’t happen. But, as we’re reminded in Luke 18:27:

“What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

Sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing or asks us to do. We just don’t see how it can happen. It doesn’t make sense, and we can’t figure it out. But, you know what? We don’t have to. All we need to do is to trust in the Lord, focus on His promises, and find peace in His Presence.

In order for Peter to walk on the water, he had to get out of the boat. He had to cast all doubt and fear aside and keep his eyes on Jesus. As long as he did, Peter lived in the supernatural. He experienced God’s power working in his life. Instead of being paralyzed by fear like the rest of the disciples, Peter walked in faith.

Jesus calls out to each of us, “Come.” What He is calling you to do may be different than what He is placing on my heart. But, the invitation is still the same – to trust in Him – no matter what our circumstances are, no matter what everyone else is doing, no matter what obstacles are in front of us, and no matter how much we are afraid.

 I want to be like Peter. I choose today to put my feet into the water and take steps toward what God wants me to do. Don’t stay in the boat with the other disciples. Let’s walk on water together.