Are You Pushing Forward to Jesus?

“I am the LORD, who heals you.” – Exodus 15:26

When Jesus walked this earth, he was followed by multitudes of people nearly everywhere he went. In Mark 3:7-10, we read about one particular instance when Jesus tried to get alone with his disciples but couldn’t. He had to get into a boat to avoid being trampled by the crowd that surrounded him.

People came to Jesus from all across the region. They had heard testimonies about his healing power and were hoping to witness a miracle first-hand. However, I imagine that the majority of people standing on the shore that day didn’t want to see a miracle. They wanted to be a miracle.

You can sense their desperation in Verse 10: “Those with diseases were pushing forward to touch him.” I love the mental picture this creates. Pushing and shoving to get close to Jesus. Straining with all their energy to make a connection with the Great Physician.

I certainly desire to pursue the Lord with that level of determination, but sometimes I get lazy. And selfish. And stubborn. Instead of moving toward Jesus, I have a tendency to stand at a distance and watch, much like the ones on the shore that day who didn’t reach out for the Lord.

What about you? Where do you find yourself in this story? Are you observing the Lord from afar? Or, are you pressing in to get closer to Him?

Each one of us is afflicted, sick from the devastating effects of sin. However, there is a God who heals! Jehovah-Raphe is his Name! He binds up wounds and replaces despair with hope. He restores joy where there has been deep sorrow. He delivers from death, bringing freedom and abundant life.

Whatever your need is right now – physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual – don’t just stand there. Push forward in prayer! Refuse to let any obstacle stand in your way. Stretch out your arms, and reach for the Lord. Receive his healing touch today.