“You do not have because you do not ask.” – James 4:2 NASB

Many summers ago I participated in Bible quizzing at camp. Even though I only spent a few hours that week studying the book of James, I can still easily recall those verses I memorized as a child.

When I found out that my daughter, Isabelle, is old enough to join our church’s Junior Bible Quiz team, I thought it would be a great way for her to learn God’s Word. The first practice was last week, which was also the same week school started. With all that we had going on, we didn’t have a chance to look over the questions. Because of our lack of preparation, her first experience with quizzing was not a positive one. In Isabelle’s words, “it wasn’t fun at all.”

After that first practice, I began to second-guess my decision. Was I trying to impose something upon her that she had no interest in? The last thing I want is for her is to dread reading the Bible. However, I also know my daughter. She tends to be hesitant about trying anything new, but usually enjoys it once she gains confidence and gets past her initial fear.

This morning I asked the Lord to give me wisdom. I prayed, “Lord, I don’t know what to do, but my eyes are on You (2 Chronicles 20:12).” I laid my concern at the feet of Jesus.

After church today, I sat down in the recliner and watched Isabelle and her sister, Jocelyn, roller skate around the living room. I told Isabelle that we were going to work on her questions, expecting some resistance. She seemed glad to do it, though, and continued to skate while I quizzed her.

Soon we developed a game in which the girls would skate toward me while I asked each question, and as they passed me, they would shout out the answer. Not only was Isabelle reviewing her questions, she was having a blast doing it!

After we finished, I immediately sat down with my laptop. I was so encouraged by God’s answer to my prayer that I wanted to encourage you. Seek the Lord for what you need. Don’t resort to being anxious and stressed (as I often do). Instead, bring your requests to your Jehovah-jireh. Before you can receive, however, you must first ask. When you ask, He will provide.


  1. Christina T says:

    Great post, Kristen — thanks for sharing!! God’s really great about being so generous and gracious, isn’t He? 🙂