Back from El Salvador!

Some experiences are so deep, so personal, and so eye-opening that words fall short. I’m finding that to be the case regarding my recent mission trip to El Salvador.

Last week, I traveled to Central America with a group of nearly 50 ladies (and one cameraman). We just returned home last night. This morning I was looking forward to sharing with you about my trip. However, after sitting at the computer for 30 minutes, I had written only three sentences. What is wrong with me?! I wondered.

Not being able to find the right words to communicate what’s in my heart is frustrating, especially as a writer. I want to tell you what God did! However, I need a few more days to process everything and recover from jet lag. I’m confident the words will come at just the right time. They always do because God always provides.

So, for now, I will tell you that El Salvador is a special place. Parts of it are breathtakingly beautiful. Other areas are barren, dusty, and filthy dirty. What I will remember the most, though, is not the scenery but the people – their openness, their love, and their passionate worship for the Lord.

Yes, there is much to share about my time in Santa Ana. Many reasons to praise God! Soon I will tell you all about it. In the meantime, though, here are a few photos. More to come!

Having a little pre-session fun at the women’s conference.

My new friend, Gloria. She was such a blessing to me!

We traveled to nearby communities to invite ladies to the conference.