Caleb’s Daniel Fast Testimony

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing this blog is hearing about how God has changed someone’s life through prayer and fasting. Today I want to share a story with you from Caleb, who is the son of a friend of mine. Here is a young man who decided to be radical and participate in a fast when few (and perhaps none) of his friends joined him. As you read his testimony, keep in mind that Caleb is only 17 years old. I’m sure you will be just as encouraged as I was when I read his story.

Physically, the Daniel Fast changed my eating habits because I ended up cutting back on animal products. It also helped me lose a pound or two. Even after the fast, I now eat half of the animal products I ate before. The Daniel Fast also changed me spiritually. I felt closer to God. I began to ask for more help from him when doing tasks at hand, whether it was getting directions somewhere or working on homework. I began to pray to God more throughout the day, just thanking him for everything he was doing and asking for his guidance. Also, I felt the compulsive need to do more good deeds for the people around me and got more involved with my church. During the Daniel Fast, the constant praying brought me closer to God and helped me to understand more of what he is really about.


  1. Kristen, the book is really exciting to read. I started reading some of the recipes to our church on Sunday and nearly got caught reading all of them. It was fun, and got our people excited about joining me for 21 days in January. I am believing God for great results both spiritually and physically from the Daniel Fast. Here we go!

    Pastor Daniel Mercaldo