Devotion: Clothe

My daughters love to play dress up – princesses, fairies, mermaids – you name it. As a result, most of their everyday clothes rarely get worn. But, I can’t say I really blame them. After all, who would choose boring old t-shirts and jeans over tutus and fairy wings?

Clothe: cover as if with clothing

At the ages of six and four, the girls are very much aware of how I’m dressed and often want to look like me. If I’m wearing leggings, they want to wear leggings. When I put on a sweater, they get their sweaters, too. Without even trying, I’m teaching my daughters what is appropriate attire by the clothing I choose. They learn how to dress simply by watching me.

My daughters are imitating my heart attitudes as well. What do they see when they look at me? Do I show anger and bitterness, or does my countenance radiate joy and peace? Am I all decked out in pride and selfishness or arrayed in humility and generosity? In other words, what kind of clothes am I wearing?

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 13:14a, NIV).”

In order to put on Christ, I have to put off self, which means saying, “No” to what I want and “Yes” to what the Lord asks of me. When I get spiritually dressed each morning, I start by reading the Word so that my mind is saturated with truth. My thoughts are directed upward instead of inward as I spend time praising God and thanking Him for His goodness to me. Being still before the Lord is absolutely essential to make my heart ready for the challenges I’ll face that day. If I get too busy and skip those moments with Him, I will experience one struggle after another. I can’t possibly be clothed with Christ if I’m not spending time with Christ.

What kind of outfit are you wearing today? Take time each morning before you leave the house to get properly dressed for the day. Spend time in the Lord’s presence, and let Him transform your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. When you are clothed with Christ, people will notice there’s something different about you. They will see Jesus.


  1. I’m telling you: you know how to write a devotional. This was not only great, but I saw delightful mental pictures of your daughters dressing up. Good job.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Paul, you’re such an encourager! I’m going to start calling you Barnabas. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you writing these days, by the way? Working on another book?

  3. Uh…well, yes. I started a series of children’s books as a direct result of some encouragement at the writers’ conference. I blogged about it, if you care to stop by.

    And I reread this devotional of yours. Still good.