Devotion: Desire

It was early in the morning, still dark outside, and the rain was pelting my windshield. Trucks were staggered along the side of the highway like mile markers. Even though the weather was nasty and cold, I could easily see the bright orange parkas in the distance, as two men walked toward the woods. I thought, “Those guys are crazy!” I wondered what would make those deer hunters get out in this kind of weather when it would have been much easier to stay in bed.

What motivated them was desire. Pure desire.

· to want strongly

A hunter wants a deer. The deer is the prize, the reward for standing or sitting for hours. To the determined deer hunter, harsh weather conditions are eclipsed by the reward he receives if he doesn’t give up and go home.

As I drove along, I related this to our lives as Christians. Those who don’t yet know the Lord are watching us to see how we will weather the storms of life. What do we do when illness unexpectedly strikes? How do we handle financial difficulty? What is our response to an unfaithful spouse?

In order to stand firm when life beats us down, our minds must be fixed on our prize, the Lord Jesus Christ. We must pursue Him with great fervency and passion.

Are you seeking the Lord with that kind of desire? If not, why not? Refuse to let apathy and laziness set in. Make it a priority to pray and read the Word every day. Don’t hit the snooze button of life and crawl back under the covers. Our time on earth is short. We must make the most of every day we’re given. Press on, my friend. Pursue the Prize. There is no greater reward.

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:14


  1. An absolutely great devotional! This will sell. Do some more like this and you’ll be buying bathroom counter tops, too!

    I opened your blog to poke around. I’m sure I’ll poke around a lot more. I like it here.

    Paul Nichols
    from the HACWN conference

  2. Thanks, Paul! It was great to meet you this past weekend. I appreciate your encouragement. 🙂