Devotion: Knock knock

This morning God told me a joke. It’s true! As I was getting ready to leave the hotel for the writer’s conference I’m attending in Kansas City, I heard “Knock knock.” Quite shocked to hear anyone else’s voice so early in the morning, at first I hesitated. Then, I gave the typical reply, “Uh, who is it?” thinking it might be the hotel cleaning service coming a bit early. The voice in my head didn’t sound like a maid though – it was much deeper. He said, “It’s me, God. You know, the Holy One, Creator of the universe, King of kings and Lord of Lords. God, The One who loves you and is in control of your life.”

The Lord reminded me this morning that my steps are ordered by Him. He goes before me and makes my path clear. I don’t have to worry about what to do. I just have to do like the old hymn says, “Trust and obey.”

Today I choose to follow whatever God has for me. Whatever He has planned is for my good. I am going to be still and rest in Him.

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10


  1. What a great thought. Thanks for sharing.