“Encourage one another daily.” – Hebrews 3:13

I’m always blessed when a reader takes the time to comment on my blog or send me a personal message. Today, I received an encouraging email from a sweet lady named Sue about my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast:

“I am into my third day and loving the food. The things I thought I would miss are not a problem. Your recipes are great and very satisfying. With God’s help, this is going to be fun and so rewarding. Thanks for your great resource.”

I like Sue’s outlook. She’s not grieving her morning cup of coffee or complaining that she can’t have chocolate for three weeks. Instead, Sue is fully embracing the fast and looking forward to the benefits of drawing near to God.

Fasting involves sacrifice, and sacrifice is never easy. However, it’s not an excuse for despair, either. You can still be joyful and thankful, even when you’re doing something that’s physically and spiritually challenging, such as the Daniel Fast.

Sue is right. Fasting is fun because you have the privilege of partnering with the Living God to advance His kingdom! Fasting is also extremely rewarding. As you surrender to the Lord, you experience His presence in a powerful way. You pray with greater intensity.You feel a deeper connection with the Lord and are more sensitive to what He’s doing in and through your life.

I could go on and on when it comes to the benefits of fasting. There really aren’t even words to describe the blessings of seeking God’s face in prayer.

If you haven’t yet tested the fasting waters, let me encourage you to get your feet wet. Don’t be afraid or think that you can’t do it. God will give you the strength you need! If you have fasted in the past, recommit.

Join me in January. Let’s start the New Year off right.