Follow the Cloud

“At the LORD’s command they encamped, and at the LORD’s command they set out.” – Numbers 9:23

I love to go camping with my family, but what I don’t like is getting everything together – the sleeping bags, the air mattress (yes, we’re all about comfort), the food, the clothes, and everything else necessary to survive a few nights in a tent. By the time our car is loaded up, my neck is usually so tight that it takes me several miles to settle down. Although all the stress of going camping is worth it once we get out in nature, I could do without the packing part.

The Israelites knew all about the challenges of camping. Their 40-year expedition in the wildnerness was certainly no vacation for them. As nomads, they lived in tents in the desert. They didn’t even have permanent homes.

During this time, the Lord provided a visible sign to the Israelites – a cloud – to assure them of His Presence. Whenever the cloud lifted above the tabernacle, the people knew it was time to move on. However, when the cloud settled, they would set up camp and remain there until the cloud lifted again. Numbers 9:20-22 tells us that sometimes the cloud would hover over the tabernacle from evening until the next morning. Other times it would stay there for a month or longer. The Israelites had no idea when they would go or where they would be going. They had absolutely no control or say in the matter. Therefore, the people literally lived day by day in complete dependence upon the guidance of the Lord. And, yet, despite the inconvenience of this lifestyle, Numbers 9:23b says, “They obeyed.”

Where are you in your journey with the Lord? Are you camping out and waiting upon the Lord’s instructions? Or, are you moving in the direction God is leading you?

Wherever you are, know that the Lord is with you. Listen to His voice. If God says, “Wait,” then sit tight. If he says, “Go,” then start packing. Be like the Israelites. Follow the cloud.


  1. Hi there,

    My name is Jae. I was surfing the net the other day about the “Daniel Fast” and I came across your site and I really liked it. I went to a few sites before I found yours and read about the fast, but at the end they’re just selling their book. I just wanted to thank you for establishing this blog. Tonight I was going through your past devotions, and read this one about “Follow the Cloud.” God is truly amazing!! I’ve been going through some stuff about decision making for the past few months and just a few nights now, God spoke to me again and I thought I needed to fast about it for more confirmations that’s why I was looking for directions about the Daniel Fast, and now I read your posting about following the cloud; therefore, I believe in my heart that God has spoken to me again through your posting. Thank you for your efforts on sharing God’s Words and your experiences. You are truly a blessing. God bless you and your family.


  2. Hi, Jae! Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing what God has been showing you. I pray that the Lord will bless you as you obey what He has placed in your heart.

    “Be strong in the LORD and in His mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10