Good-bye, Los Heroes…Hello, Hosanna!

“The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.” – Psalm 126:3

In April, God blessed me with an opportunity to go to El Salvador on a mission trip. I wrote about my experience in a blog post, and many of you have emailed to ask for an update on Los Heroes, one of the communities I visited. If you are reading about Los Heroes for the first time, I’ll give you a brief summary:

Los Heroes is a squatter community just outside Santa Ana where, up until about two months ago, 2,000+ people lived in primitive conditions. Shortly after Easter, the government began the process of eviction to clear all residents from the land. In a matter of days, families had to pack up their meager belongings, dismantle their homes, and find places to live. Most of the people are now gone – only a small number remain.

In my previous post, I asked readers to pray for missionaries Kenton and Elsie Moody as they negotiated the purchase of land for the displaced families of Los Heroes. Although the process of obtaining permission and securing adequate finances was long and difficult, God provided!

The Lord opened the door for the purchase of seven acres of land just one kilometer from Los Heroes. The name of the new community is Hosanna, which means, “to save or help.” God has rescued the people of Los Heroes and given them hope. According to Kenton, Hosanna is a beautiful place, not just because of the scenery but also because of how God is working in the hearts of the people. Moody says the atmosphere is much different than it was at Los Heroes. The children play well together, and the people help each other. There is joy and peace instead of turmoil and despair. In addition, families who were living in houses made of plastic and/or tin now have homes made of wood!

And, that’s only the beginning. Following are a few more things God has done:

·        Eighteen homes have already been built.
·         Potable water will be available soon.
·         Land has been cleared and plans are underway to construct a Christian school in the community, run by Moody Missions.
·         All of the children in Hosanna are enrolled in public school until the new school is ready.
·         A children’s Saturday Bible club has been started and is going strong.
·         Moms can receive encouragement, support, and mentoring in a mother’s group.
·         Kenton uses the bed of his truck to take residents to church on Sunday (and the truck is full each week! See photo below). 
·         Several have been saved and baptized!

Even though the above events are exciting and worth celebrating, I want to bring the update to a more personal level. I’ll let Kenton tell you about young man who came to his church on Father’s Day:

“Ever came forward on Sunday at Open Door Church when we prayed for those who had never known their dad or had a poor or broken relationship with their father. Ever stood quietly as I prayed for him. I felt impressed to give him a hug and told him it was from his dad. He broke down crying. He is 17, never knew who his father was, and this was the first fatherly hug he had ever received. I saw Ever today in Hosana, and he is starting back to school after dropping out last month. God is so good!”

The Moodys are overjoyed at God’s faithfulness and continue to praise Him for His favor. Kenton says, “God isn’t done yet. We believe He will help us reach out to the entire community.” Having worked alongside the Moodys myself, I know that, with God’s help, they will.

Continue to pray for Kenton, Elsie, and the other missionaries who work with them in El Salvador. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to intercede!

Children piling into the back of Kenton’s truck to go to church.
A mission team from the U.S. helps put a house back together.

Almost done! (left: the previous house for this family)