Los Heroes

“I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.” – Psalm 140:12

I want to tell you about Los Heroes, a place I visited last week in El Salvador.
Los Heroes is a squatter community just outside Santa Ana where 2000+ people live in primitive conditions. Houses are made of plastic, sheet metal, cardboard, and/or mattress springs. There is no electricity, nor are there any toilets.  Floors are made of dirt. The only running water they receive comes from rain, which pours through their homes like a river, making a muddy mess. Most people in the community struggle to make $3 a day. Children are often left to fend for themselves during daylight hours while their parents try to sell whatever they can at the local market.
The people of Los Heroes don’t have much, and what little they do have, they’re about to lose.
This week the government begins the process of eviction to clear the people from the land. Workers have already started dismantling the houses, while residents can only stand by in despair and watch. Families have packed their bags with the few belongings they own, but most have nowhere to go.
The adults feel hopeless and beaten down; the children are scared. There is deep, deep sadness among the people. The need is great.
Missionaries Kenton and Elsie Moody have been ministering to the Los Heroes community for the past two years. Their hearts are broken as they watch their friends being forced from their homes. Although they cannot understand why such things are happening, their faith is strong. They are trusting God to provide.
Kenton and Elsie’s ministry, Moody Missions, is in the process of negotiation to purchase land for the families of Los Heroes. It has been difficult to obtain the necessary permission and secure adequate finances. God is working. However, the enemy has placed many roadblocks in their path.
Would you join us in prayer for Los Heroes? Would you allow your heart to break for these people whom God loves? As Kenton and Elsie say, “Compassion isn’t just a feeling; it’s a lifestyle.” You may not be able to travel to El Salvador to help, but you can intercede.
Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. Let’s pray with confidence that God will deliver the people of Los Heroes and bring them into a new land!
An example of a typical house in Los Heroes.