Rain, Rain Come My Way!

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” – Deuteronomy 32:2

We’ve had record amounts of rain this spring, so much so that my daughters and I been singing:

“Rain, rain go away! Come again another day…like in June or July!”

The abundant showers we’ve received have caused widespread flooding in many parts of the Midwest. However, one benefit of the heavy rainfall is that my garden has gotten a nice boost. In the past, though, when we’ve experienced times of drought, we’ve had to resort to watering our garden with heavily-chlorinated tap water. It has done the job temporarily, but there’s nothing like fresh rain to bring struggling plants to life.

God’s Word is like rain to our souls. It refreshes us when we’re weary, revives us when we feel weak, and renews our minds when we’ve been deceived. Just as a tiny seed grows when given proper nourishment, so we, too, will flourish when the truth of God’s Word penetrates our hearts. Even though Christian books, music, and conferences are all beneficial and can help us draw closer to the Lord, there is no substitute for the powerful, life-changing Word of God.

If we allow the Lord’s teaching to fall on us like rain, He will wash away the impurities in our lives and transform us into His Son’s likeness. When we spend much time with the Lord, meditating on His commands, we will grow strong and bear much fruit – fruit that will last.

What is your attitude toward the Word of God? Are you singing “Rain, rain go away!” or “Rain, rain, come my way!”?


  1. Just wanted to say thanks Kristen. You have allowed me to have a strong tool to keep me on track with food and devotion. I have never tried a Daniel Fast before but this is teaching me so much! I didn’t know how many ways I could fix fruits and vegetables and there’s even pumpkin bars! I had the most delicious smoothie yesterday with the frozen bananas, strawberries, pecans, and almond milk. I have not been hungry at all! I am fasting from TV and spending more time in the Word. What a difference it has made! May God bless you for your sharing!!!

    • Liz, your comments encourage me! I love to hear how God uses this website to draw people closer to Him. May the Lord be especially near to you on this fast as you press on to know Him!