The Abundant Goodness of the Lord

“They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.” – Psalm 145:7

Just over a year ago, I participated in my first Daniel Fast with our church. On day one, I woke up early and felt led to start a blog about my journey. At that time, blogs were new and trendy. Everyone seemed to be blogging. Since I’m not one to be involved in something simply because it’s popular, I was hesitant to do it. However, I believed God wanted me to record my Daniel Fast experiences in a public forum, so I started writing. However, I never intended my blog to be anything more than a personal journal.

I began posting entries daily. Some days I would share a tasty Daniel Fast recipe, along with a photo. Other times I would encourage others through a Scripture and devotion. Slowly word began to get out. The blog’s popularity snowballed. I knew God was up to something.

A few months later, I went to a Christian writer’s conference in Overland Park, Kansas, to present a proposal for a book on the Daniel Fast. The agent I met with, Les Stobbe, liked what he saw. He made a few suggestions, asked me to fine-tune my manuscript, and return it to him.

Months went by as I worked and reworked the manuscript. Finally, when Les felt that my proposal was polished and ready to submit to publishers, he sent it out. I prayed and waited. And waited and prayed. Within just a few weeks, Les told me that one publisher was extremely interested. I was elated. When Les shared with me who it was, I about passed out. God had given me an audience with Zondervan, one of the largest Christian publishers in the world! I was completely overwhelmed by God’s goodness and favor. When I signed the contract with Zondervan earlier this year, I knew without a doubt that God had big plans for this book, bigger than I could have ever asked for or even imagined.
In three days, we will celebrate the abundant goodness of the Lord and all that He has done (and is going to do) through The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. CPO, our local Christian bookstore, is hosting an exclusive book release party, where you can be the first to get a copy of the book and have it signed. Plus, you can sample recipes and enter drawings for prizes. Even though you may not be able to attend, you can order your copy online or at a bookstore. Buy one for yourself, and extra copies to give as Christmas gifts for those you love.

My experience with the Daniel Fast is an example of what can happen when you pursue the Lord with all your heart and desire to know Him in a deeper way. Start the New Year off with prayer and fasting. You just never know what God will do in your life as you hunger for Him.

Exclusive Book Release Party
December 4th, 11a-1pm
CPO (Christian Publishers Outlet)
4145 South National Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807


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  4. So excited for you! Congratulations! I love what God does in our lives.