The Ride of Life

“Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you.” – Proverbs 4:25

I love cycling. When it’s just me, my bike, my thoughts, and my God, I’m giddy with delight.

Before I start pedaling, though, I take a few moments to get outfitted with the proper gear. I always put on my helmet and gloves. If it’s sunny, I wear sunglasses. Padded shorts are a must.

Once the ride begins, I keep my eyes on the road. Every so often I’ll glance down to avoid potholes, small animals, or debris, but most of the time my gaze is fixed on the path in front of me. I’m not so focused on the asphalt, though, that I miss the gorgeous scenery to my right and left. After all, that’s why I’m out there. I want to bask in the beauty and wonder of creation. However, if I become too intense about the mechanics of cycling – what my cadence is, how fast I’m going, what my heart rate is – then I miss the whole point of the ride.

The same goes with life in Christ. Before you head out the door each day, you have to get dressed spiritually by clothing yourself with truth. Spending time in the Word and in prayer helps prepare your heart and mind for what God will bring your way. However, if you neglect time with the Lord and attempt to navigate life on your own, you’ll eventually crash.

You also have to keep your head up. Your gaze must be on Christ, not on yourself or your circumstances. Be prepared for an occasional bump in the road, but don’t let those hard times throw you off. Difficulties are part of the ride. Just keep pedaling.

Each day is a gift and an opportunity to travel in tandem with the Lord. He has many wonderful things to show you if you’ll put your trust in Him. You don’t have to worry about a thing. God is in control. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the spectacular view as you experience the greatest ride of your life.


  1. Joan Rose Palacios says:

    Exquisitely said! Thanks for this beautiful post.