Online Daniel Fast Videos

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Every January since 2012 I’ve led an online Daniel Fast for the first three weeks of the year. The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, which means that you can eat (good news!), but you choose to abstain from certain types of foods for the 21-day period (see Daniel Fast Food List for details). The purpose of the fast is to draw near to God through fervent, focused prayer.

Three weeks can be a long time to go without some of your favorite foods. It can especially seem like an eternity for coffee drinkers! That’s why I try to encourage people as much as possible when they’re on the Daniel Fast. I know from experience how important that type of support is and how it can help you stay on track. 

During each online Daniel Fast, I invite people to join by signing up on my website. Everyone who registers receives a daily email from me that includes a devotion, recipes, fasting tips, prayer resources, and other helpful tools. In 2015 I also added daily and weekly videos, which have been a lot of fun.

Following is a list of the annual online Daniel Fasts and the videos that accompanied them (if applicable). You can use these videos for encouragement and support on your Daniel Fast at any time of the year.

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