Daniel Fast Devotions and Blog Posts

The goal of the Daniel Fast is to know God in a deeper way. Since the Daniel Fast is a partial fast, you will need to spend a certain amount of time planning and preparing your meals. But food shouldn’t be the focus of your fast. Instead, you should make prayer and studying God’s Word your top priority.

When you’re on the Daniel Fast, you should try to read the Bible every day. You can use the 21 daily devotions in my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, or you can come up with your own reading plan. The important thing is that you’re feasting daily on the nourishment that God’s Word provides.

Below you will find a list of my blog posts, many of which are devotions. Feel free to use them for encouragement on your Daniel Fast.

September 2017
Pack for the January 2018 Daniel Fast

July 2017
Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study

May 2017
Side Effects on the Daniel Fast

February 2017
Resources for Lent 2017
Call to Prayer for President Donald Trump
The Daniel Fast and Lent 2017

January 2017
January 2017 Daniel Fast Recap and Testimonies

December 2016
January 2017 Online Daniel Fast

October 2016
What Do You Want God to Do?

September 2016
The Pain You Don’t See

August 2016
August 2016 Daniel Fast Testimonies
Protein Powder on the Daniel Fast

July 2016
A Late Night Message
August 2016 Daniel Fast

March 2016
When You’re in a Hard Season

February 2016
The Daniel Fast and Lent 2016

January 2016
January 2016 Ultimate Daniel Fast Recap and Testimonies

December 2015
How to Prepare for the Daniel Fast
Why Christians are Slow to Fast
January 2016 Ultimate Daniel Fast – FIGHT!

October 2015
Your Future Starts Now

September 2015
In Your Anger, Do Not Sin
God is Proud of You
Your Failures and God’s Grace

August 2015
Pray for Our Babies
Say “Yes” to the Daniel Fast!

April/May 2015
While She Still Breathes
Do You Trust God?

February 2015
When Fear Becomes Faith
Get Spiritually Strong in 2015!
The Daniel Fast and Lent 2015
Ocean Depths

January 2015
January 2015 Online Daniel Fast Testimonies
One Word for 2015

February 2014
Come Right In.
Listen to God.
Stay Free!

January 2014
January 2014 Daniel Fast Testimonies

December 2013
January 2014 Online Daniel Fast
Georgia On My Mind

July 2013
You are God’s Masterpiece.
Take Your Position.

May 2013
Do the Work.
Bring Your Family to Jesus!
Held By His Grace
When God Seems Far Away
The ABCs of Praise
His Words Are Your Life!

March 2013
Holy Week Prayer Guide
The God of Second Chances

February 2013
Grace in a Laundry Basket
God is a Promise Keeper
God is Our Helper
The Daniel Fast and Lent

January 2013
The Face of Forgiveness 
Look for Opportunities to Love 
Thanking God and Thanking People 
My One Word for 2013 
Enoch’s Example

December 2012
Victory is Yours!
“Do You Love Me, Even When…?” 

November 2012
A Devotion about Devotion 
A Thanksgiving Headache 
The Power of Praise 
Mary’s Sacrifice 

September/October 2012
The Miracle of Worship
Wait Patiently 
Are You Pushing Forward to Jesus? 
At the Proper Time 
Sound the Alarm! 

August 2012
Choose Well.

July 2012
Making Prayer a Priority 
Syd’s Story: The Sweet Taste of Freedom 
Divine Appointment 
No Worries. 
Train Like an Olympian

June 2012
Good-bye, Los Heroes…Hello, Hosanna!

May 2012 
He Healed Me!
The Gift of Georgia 
Who Am I, Lord?

March 2012 
The Joy of the Cross 
Trust Me.
Be an Encourager! 
Beans and Rice for Breakfast?! 

February 2012 
Do Your Job! 
Praying with Raised Hands, Part 2 
Praying with Raised Hands, Part 1

November 2011 
God’s Calling vs. Your Calendar

October 2011 
When God Speaks

September 2011
What is Your Wall? 
Fasting for God or Yourself? 
Getting Alone with God 
The Power of God’s Word 
Lessons from Kindergarten

August 2011
The Purpose of Pain

July 2011
What I Learned at Church Camp

June 2011
Stop Being Angry! 
Take God on Vacation! 
Claudine’s Joy
Trust Equals Rest

May 2011
Looking After Georgia
What It Means To Know God
It is Good to Praise the Lord.
Pray for Georgia. 
Want Peace? Trust God.
Rain, Rain Come My Way!

April 2011
Only Three Things 
The Pain of Peanut Butter 
Holy Week Prayer Guide 
Finish Strong.

March-April 2011 Fasting Journal
Day 1 – My Fasting Journal
Day 2 – No Other Gods
Day 3 – Busy Day & Binding Up Wounds
Day 4 – I’m Listening, Lord.
Day 5 – Life Out of the Box
Day 6 – Holy God!
Day 8 – So Blessed.
Day 9 – Rest.

March 2011
The Narrow Road 
Tell Yourself the Truth! 
Open Our Eyes, Lord!

February 2011
My One Word for 2011
The Power of One Word 

January 2011
Find Your Joy in the Lord
Desert Life 
Psalm 119 – God’s Treasure Chest of Truth 
The Word is Alive!
Unselfish Prayer 
Filled with God 
Listen to Me 
Stand Firm on the Daniel Fast 
Forget and Remember