What is a Daniel Fast?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, fasting is “the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time.” However, that definition really doesn’t do it justice. Fasting is a personal invitation from the God of the universe, inviting us to dive deep into spiritual waters. It’s a powerful tool that God uses to help us discover the joy in denying self so that we can serve the Lord and others with pure hearts. Fasting is mentioned repeatedly throughout Scripture, but unfortunately many Christians dismiss it as an Old Testament practice and unnecessary for today. Not even willing to entertain the thought of depriving themselves of anything, they forfeit some of God’s greatest blessings and miss out on knowing the Lord on a much deeper level.

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast and truly a unique opportunity for you to seek the Lord. The purpose of the fast is is to eliminate commonly enjoyed foods for three weeks as an act of worship and consecration to God. By denying yourself certain foods, you will learn 1) that hunger pains won’t kill you, 2) how much you use food for comfort instead of fuel for your body, and 3) that you feel much better when you eat healthy foods. You’ll also experience 1) a greater spiritual awareness and sense of God’s presence in your life, 2) the indescribable joy that comes from obedience to the Lord, and 3) the Lord’s blessing and favor as you seek Him with all that you are. Throughout this 21-day journey, you will discover that to fast is actually to feast on the only thing that truly nourishes us inside and out – the powerful, life-changing Word of God.

For details on the Daniel Fast guideliness, visit “Foods to Eat” and “Foods to Avoid.”