For all you chip lovers out there…

baked potato chips

Baked Potato Chips

2 pounds russet baking potatoes, peeled
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut potatoes into 1/8-inch thick slices by using either the slicing disc of a food processor, mandoline slicer, or by hand. Place potato slices in a large bowl. Add olive oil, salt, and pepper, and stir well to coat. Spread in a single layer on two large baking sheets. Bake 15 minutes. Flip potatoes, and cook another 10-15 minutes, or until chips are crispy.

Yield: 4 servings (serving size: about 1 cup)


  1. Charlotte says:

    Why do my chips stick to the baking sheet? I spray them with oil and/or use foil and they still stick. Thanks!

    • Charlotte, make sure they are well coated with oil before you add them to the baking sheet. Another idea is to use parchment paper. I’ve done that before, and it works pretty well.

      • Charlotte says:

        Thank you! Please keep my husband and I in prayer, we began a 10 day Daniel Fast today. God bless!

        • Charlotte, I’m glad to hear you and your husband are seeking the Lord together! God’s Word says in Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” I pray God fills you up to overflowing with his favor during this time!

  2. So excited about these! My husband and I start the fast tomorrow! I am doing as much prep for the week as I can… Will these hold for the week or will I need to make and eat them the same day?

    • The Baked Potato Chips are best the same day; however, they will reheat fine. They’ll be soggy after being in the refrigerator but will crisp up after a few minutes in the oven. I pray God blesses you in BIG ways as you hunger for Him!

  3. Judy Sampson says:

    Kristen, I thought that oils….olive oil, regular salad oils, etc. were on the restricted list for the Daniel Fast. I know fried foods are not on the list of what can be eaten so wouldn’t fixing the potato chips in the olive oil be the same as frying them?

    • Judy, that’s a great question. Oils, such as olive and coconut, are allowed in cooking, but only in moderate amounts. It can be used to sauté foods. However, deep-fried foods are not allowed. Not only do fried foods add tons of calories and fat, they are usually cooked with lesser-quality oils (which contain trans-fatty acids). I hope this explanation helps clarify the issue!

  4. Tracy Wilson says:

    Just made these today. I am eating them now! They are great. I backed them in my Iron skillet which seems to work fine. Along with juiced banana, strawberry, blackberry, greens and water. Yummy. God already working!

  5. Can you do this in the mini toaster oven?

    Thank you!

  6. Ha! Totally burned my first batch! I’ll try again or go back to my popcorn!

  7. These stuck to the pan the first time so I made them with parchment paper. Also found that misting them with oil rather than mixing it in the bowl made it alot simpler and healthier. Then I seasoned when in the pan. Flipped over and seasoned again. Very tasty. Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

  8. Althea Woodyard says:

    These homemade potato chips are GREAT!

  9. Darlene says:

    This is a great website. This is the second year that my husband and I will be doing a 40 day Daniel Fast. My husband used to do a 40 day juice fast and when I asked him to join me in this one last year he agreed! I used this site at that time too. Thank you for setting this up your recipes are great!

  10. Kantrell Smith says:

    I am in my 2nd week and I have lost 7 lbs so far. I encourage everyone to try this and feel soo good!!!

  11. Wilma Kirschner says:

    Is there a way to print just the recipe and not all the comments. I like the comments and read them, but uses pages and pages of paper and printer ink? So enjoying your recipes. God Bless. Hoping to make this a life time change.

    • Sure! Just copy the recipe only with your cursor, and hit control-C. Then paste the info into Word or some other document program (control-P). You can print it from there. Another, much simpler way to have the recipes at your fingertips is to invest in a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast! 🙂 Not only will you get 100+ Daniel Fast recipes, but 21 devotions, tips on preparing for the fast and breaking the fast, 3 weeks of meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and more!

  12. Julie Hoag says:

    I have not done the Daniel Fast, but I might try it.
    I seem to need protein to lose weight though. And I gain weight on fruit.

    I do love baked sweet potato chips too.
    Same recipe, just sweet potatoes.

    Thanx for the recipes

  13. I am on day 19 of a 21 day fast along with my son. I just made my second batch of potato soup because I had it the first week and it was delicious. Since I have so many potatoes and I love chips …what a treat to have as I coming up on the home stretch. I have a slew of health issues, lung, GI and many others,..I never thought that I could do a 21 day fast …but because of the nutritious meals on here …I was able to maintain even while picking up a mild cold during week two. I only reminded me that we can do all things with Christ Jesus. I used wisdom so I’m not saying people with health issues should jump on a 21 day fast unless called by God …which I knew that I was. Big fail, though, on the potato chips. Oh my, they burned and stuck. Maybe next time I can use a different brand of potato…or just stick to my popcorn.

    • Bev, I’m so thankful you and your son did the fast together! What a wonderful experience to share. I’m glad you enjoyed the soup, but I’m sorry to hear the chips didn’t turn out for you. Did you use russet potatoes?

  14. MaryGrace says:

    I made this tonight, delicious! My hubby and granddaughters loved it!

  15. Deborah Landers says:

    Praise the Lord, Kristen. I am currently in week two of the Daniel Fast with my church. (FCBCNYC) My God, what an exciting journey! Just had to write and tell you what a saving grace it has been to have your recipes on hand. Made Kale chips ( very tasty), question: Can we use some type of mints or gum to freshen garlic breath?

    • Hi, Deborah! I’m so glad to hear your church is doing the Daniel Fast. That’s wonderful, and I know God is working mightily as you seek Him. There might an all-natural product (breath fresheners) that is Daniel Fast friendly, but, unfortunately, I don’t have one to recommend. Your best option is probably a health food store (or the health food section of a supermarket). Just make sure the product doesn’t contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, or any other restricted ingredients. Read the label carefully to be sure. Let me know if you find anything! In the meantime, here are some natural breath freshener ideas: fennel seeds, parsley, cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, or citrus fruits. I hope this information helps!

  16. Hi Kristen Feola, this Is our last week for my 3 teenagers and I. I give God the glory and all the PRAISE. This year our Pastor asked all of us to join in the fast together and my kids were yes MOM we will do it together and also my 84yr old GRAMA. Who reads her the WORD OF GOD all day. She hears HIM more clearly and wakes up with these awesome dreams where GOD gives her words of encouragement hope and correction but all with LOVE. She’s on fire my lil firecracker.
    We are going through difficult times a divorce financial burdens and health issues. We needed breakthrough. On our second week I take my youngest to the Doctor and I weighed myself just for fun like every time we visit the Doctors office. When unexpectedly I had lost 18lbs. I got on and off the scale so many times I bursted into PRAISE. It was only 10 days I didn’t do this fast to loose weight. I needed breakthrough through in those other areas but HE knew what I needed I am overweight but HE was more Important Im getting more breakthroughs by seeking HIS face reading HIS WORD and praying for others HE BLESSED ME. To GOD be the GLORY. And also on the 2nd day while I was getting my groceries a soul got SAVED right in middle of the isle a young lady burdened by life issues asked. After I shared about the fast explaining why we as a CHURCH did it together and personal breakthrough. She couldn’t understand WHY I HAD SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SMILE (: I only said BECAUSE I SERVE A MIGHTY MERCIFUL GRACIOUS LOVING FORGIVING GOD WHO I GIVE ALL THE GLORY.
    I want to Thank you Kristen for having this wonderful site it has really helped me understand the WHY of the fast to bring us closer to GOD I realized that If I put HIM first seek Him first seeking HIS face at all time HE DOES NOT FAIL US… BREAKTHROUGH HAS COME TO MY HOME AND I KNOW THERES MORE TO COME. HALLELUYA TO THE LAMB OF GOD. IYS ALL ABOUT YOU LORD I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART SOUL AND BODY.

    • What a wonderful testimony about what God has done! I’m praising the Lord and celebrating with you! Thank you for taking the time to share about how your obedience resulted in mighty breakthroughs in your family. May the Lord continue to display His power in and through you!

  17. I will be starting the 40 day Daniel Fast tomorrow. I am already a vegan but I have a STRONG like for black coffee and unsalted chips. So giving up those 2 items is really big for me. Plus I use stevia so I am in prayer that God will be with me through these 40 days. My fiance will be on this journey with me. Praise God for that. Thank YOU for this site.

    • Terri, I’m so glad you are committing to a 40-day Daniel Fast. I pray the Lord will strengthen you and your fiance’ as you seek Him. Thank you for your comments!

  18. Priscilla Morgan says:

    On Daniel fast for 21 days and have overcome sugar addiction. Did not know about addiction until I had the withdrawal symptoms.

    • Good for you, Priscilla! Yes, added sugar is HIGHLY addictive. When you clear it out of your body, you not only feel better and have more energy, but the sugar cravings disappear. Way to go!