Online Daniel Fasts

Since 2012 Kristen Feola, best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, has led an online Daniel Fast every January. Thousands of men and women from around the world participate each year. She has also held other fasts, such as during Lent and in August.

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Below you can find details, testimonies, resources, and videos from previous online fasts:

January 2018 Daniel Fast

January 2018 Daniel Fast: Lift Up Your Voice




January 2017 Daniel Fast

Revive Us Again - Jan 2017 Online Daniel Fast





August 2016 Daniel Fast

August 2016 Daniel Fast






January 2016 – “Fight!”

January 2016 Ultimate Daniel Fast logo






January 2015 – “Spiritually Strong”

"Spiritually Strong" - Jan 2015 Online Daniel Fast





January 2014 – “Press On.”

 Press On.


 January 2013 Daniel Fast – “Plant the Seed.”

Plant the Seed.


 Easter 2012 Daniel Fast – “Choose to Live”

Choose to Live header


January 2012 Daniel Fast – “Seek & Find”