August 2016 Daniel Fast Testimonies

August 2016 Daniel FastWhen my pastor announced in mid-June that we would be doing a church-wide Daniel Fast in early August, I immediately prayed about my response. Of course, I would participate, but I believed God wanted me to do something more.

I shared about the fast on my website, inviting others outside James River Church to join us. I had no idea how many people would respond. After all, August is not typically a popular time to do the fast. Families are often on vacation. Teachers and students are gearing up to go back to school. So when more than 800 people signed up, I was overwhelmed! The high number just confirmed to me that God had something miraculous in store for all of us.

The August 2016 Daniel Fast was a wonderful, life-changing journey! The online fast was held August 1-21, 2016. Participants who signed up through my Ultimate Daniel Fast website received two emails each week. Emails contained a short devotion, fasting/prayer tips, recipes, and other helpful resources.

Even though our Daniel Fast has concluded, it certainly hasn’t ended. God is still at work! I believe we’ll continue to see answers to our prayers in the coming weeks, months, and years as we trust in the Lord.

Many participants have emailed to share what God has done. Following are testimonies from the online fast:

“God is great. He took my hand and made this fast an easy journey. He showed me that I needed to be more like him in so many ways. I’m so thankful I did this fast with my wife. It has brought us closer together through Christ. Over the past three weeks we had some very stressful family situations and friendships to deal with. Had it not been for this fast and being focused, we both know it would had been much harder. We’re also going to continue eating much healthier as we both feel so much better. Praise be to God.” – Wayne

“My daughters and son did the fast with me. There were a lot of failings on the fast, especially in the beginning, but we made it through. Thank you for inviting us! – Felicia

“Thank you for your emails, recipes, and prayers during this Daniel Fast. My husband and I both participated, and it was truly amazing.  Prayers were answered and the blessings are flowing.” – Kimberly
I had a number of requests, which, so far, haven’t been answered like I anticipated. In fact, for me, it was the opposite. One request I had was for a salary increase at work, which was declined. But I didn’t react like I normally would have, which shocked me. I just looked at my manager and told him it was okay. The calmness and stillness is my testimony. In normal circumstances, I would have cried, panicked, and become discouraged. God’s timing is best, so I know somehow this request will be answered.” – Patricia
We were reluctant to participate in this Daniel Fast because we knew we’d participate in the 2017 Daniel Fast. But God confirmed to my wife that we should, and I’m overjoyed that we listened! We were given an unexpected 25% discount at the cash register for shoes our children desperately needed. Also, a spot supernaturally opened up for our child to attend a private school (there were multiple lists and our child was on the second to last list). I received a job offer for a job that initially did not accept me. I pray for those struggling to stay faithful and to develop the habit of doing small things well! I also pray that this be a season of turning for many others!” – Foster
I started this fast knowing God had called me to it. You said that it would be life changing, which I doubted, but it truly was. After three horrible days of withdrawal from sugar, caffeine, and processed foods, I began to feel better, lighter, and more clear-headed. I asked the Lord to help me to remove anything that I relied on besides Him. I thought it was just food and coffee. But on Day 4, when I went to take my antidepressants, it was like the Lord said, “What about this?” I froze because I’ve tried to come off the medication before. I’ve also convinced in my mind and by doctors that I would have to always take them. But I trusted God and His voice. I prayed and took a reduced dosage every day since and have experienced no side effects. Praise the one and only God and His work in our lives.” – Lauree
On July 31 (the day before the fast began), I took a pregnancy test, and it came up positive! We’ve been praying for a baby for a while now, and God knew when He would bless with one! I’m super excited because He heard our prayers!” – Janae 

When I first received the email about joining the August 2016 Daniel Fast, I was excited but a little skeptical. I usually do the 21-day fast in January and didn’t know if I could tackle this one. However, I asked God to help me. I struggled the first seven days with all sorts of conflicts. Some days were just too intense to pray. I continued to stay with the fast, praying and reading my Bible. I began to feel distraught and discouraged when I felt the Lord speak gently to me saying, “And having done everything, STAND!” I’d received my breakthrough! God was telling me to continue standing on his promises no matter what. I received those words and applied them every time the enemy whispered in my ear that the fast was just a waste of time and nothing was happening. After the seventh day, I started to feel a peaceful spirit and an inward confidence. Then it happened! I had been out of work for a year and was desperate for a job. Well, guess what? I was offered a position, and I’m currently working. I give God all the glory because I know this is only the beginning of God’s blessings for me. I want to encourage everyone who participated in this fast. If you haven’t yet received your miracle, don’t give up! Continue praying and standing on God’s Word for whatever your situation might be.” – Sara

“It was an extremely challenging period in many ways, but I had no doubt that God led me into this fast. I saw miraculous answers to prayers on behalf of family members and friends. Yet I also encountered many seeming mishaps and testings that I felt discouraged sometimes. There were a few days I was so rushed that I did not spend enough time with the Lord, and I felt like giving up and coming off the fast. But then you sent encouragement via email or someone called to ask how my fast was going. I have extended my fast as I am in a 40-day prayer challenge. I look forward to future times of fasting.” – Paulette

“The Lord is so good in that He answered and ministered to me during this time.  1) He reminded me to be more grateful by thanking Him for His provisions each month when we receive our pension checks/other income. We used to do this but have gotten away from it. He also impressed me to pray over our tithe/faith promise to the church. 2) Next, He gave me confirmation of what my next Life Group Bible study should be. 3) He surprised me with an answer to prayer for harmony in our marriage which I have long been praying about.” – Charlene 

When I received your email, I decided right away to participate. The first thing I did was buy a prayer journal and begin writing my requests. Before the fast even started, my prayers were answered. My daughter got a teaching job. It was a miracle from God! I am so thankful for your invitation to do the fast. My faith and trust in the Lord has increased because of the miracles He has shown me. – Gayle

Praise the Lord for all these wonderful testimonies of His goodness! All glory to His holy name!

If you missed the August 2016 Daniel Fast, you can plan to join the next online fast, which will be held, January 1-21, 2017. More details will be available in late November.

Be sure to get a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, to prepare. The book is a wonderful resource for the fast, providing 21 daily devotions, 100+ recipes, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and tips on fasting. Also, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter to stay informed about the January 2017 fast and future online fasts.


  1. Tonya Mims says:

    This fast was extremely challenging for me. But i had always wanted to do a fast again but. I would always find a excuses not to do it. Until i received this worldwide fasting I had really bad high blood pressure problems. I needed medication well by the time I got off my fasting I ended up in the prehypertension stage. God is good and its definitely taught me to make better eating lifestyles.

    • Tonya, thank you for sharing your testimony! I’m so thankful you did the fast and didn’t give up. Praise God for how He’s healing your body! Keep making those healthy food choices. You can do it!

  2. i woke up this morning feeling led to do at least a modified Daniel fast. Starting today and opened my email and saw this email. I am encouraged. God has been speaking very loudly for me to walk closer to him. Be encouraged in the work God has assigned to your hands. We are blessed by your obedience.

    • Hi, Dorla! Thank you for sharing how the Lord has been working in your life. How is your fast going? I pray God fills you with His power and peace as you seek Him during this time. Also, thank you for your encouragement. I needed to hear your words today. 🙂

  3. Stacie Dorris says:

    Funny, the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me this summer about doing the Daniel Fast. I decided to do it September 1st-21st. I felt I could be more focused during this time. I had a lot going on this summer. When I opened my email first thing this morning, I saw this post about the Daniel Fast. It’s a Holy Spirit confirmation that, yes, I am calling you to do this fast. I needed this confirmation because giving up coffee is a real struggle for me. I really want coffee this morning. It helps to know this is a call to fast and I’m thankful the Holy Spirit is already encouraging me to press on!

    • Stacie, thank you for sharing how God has been speaking to you. How is your fast going? The first few days are usually the most difficult, as far as the physical withdrawals go. I pray the Lord fills you with supernatural strength today and in the days to come as you seek Him.

  4. Thank you, Kristen, for inviting me to join the August 1-21, 2016 21-day fast. I had been praying for my family and friends for sometime but this fast led me to FERVENT PRAYER! During the fast my family and friends were beset with many mishaps and obstacles! Because I continued to fast, pray and read the Bible, GOD solved many of these situations. I am still praying for peace and harmony in my 53-year marriage. I believe GOD will resolve that also if I continue to believe! Thanks again!! I look forward to the 2017 fast!

    • What a wonderful testimony! Thank you for sharing how the Lord has been working. Yes, you’re right. We must continue to trust in God, even when (and especially when) obstacles come our way. That’s when spiritual warfare is most intense, and we sometimes want to give up. But we can’t! We must press on, just as you did during the August fast. May the Lord continue to fill you with His power and peace as you seek Him.

  5. Gayle Hardy says:

    When I received your email, I decided right away to participate. First thing I did was to buy a prayer journal and begin writing my requests. Before the fast even started, my prayers were answered. My daughter got a teaching job. It was a miracle from God. So, during the fast I was able to focus on the needs of others and prayed for others in my life and added prayers as I heard of others’ needs. I am so thankful for your invitation to do the fast. My faith and trust in the Lord has increased because of the miracles He has shown me.

    • Gayle, that’s wonderful! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Thank you for sharing how God answered your prayers. Your testimony is such an encouragement to me and many others.

  6. Is drinking Postum allowed on the Daniel Fast?

    • I have to admit that I had never heard of Postum before you asked. So I had to do an online search to learn about it. I discovered that Postum is a coffee alternative and doesn’t contain caffeine. Ingredients are: Wheat, wheat flour, molasses, and wheat bran. So, no, unfortunately, Postum is not Daniel Fast friendly. Any grains must be whole grain, so it should say “whole wheat.” And, molasses is an added sugar, so it’s a no-no on the fast as well. Thanks for your question and for helping me learn something new! 🙂

  7. Meredith Corder says:

    I did the fast in January and it was very difficult. I felt lead to do it again, and came to this website. I missed the August 1 start, but started on the 11th. It was MUCH easier as I believe the Holy Spirit gave me the will to do it. Also, some character defects were revealed that I needed to pray about and work on. I’ve been praying to be more like Jesus, and this fast revealed some light on how to be more. Thank you

    • Hi, Meredith! I’m glad you are doing the Daniel Fast again. Yes, fasting is usually (if not always) difficult. But it’s worth it! Thank you for sharing how God has been helping you!