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Pack for the January 2018 Daniel Fast

When my husband and I go rock climbing, we spend at least an hour the day before we leave getting everything ready. Justin takes care of the equipment – the rope, harnesses, carabiners, quick draws, chalk bags, and shoes. My job is pack the food and make sure we have plenty of water.  If we plan our trip well, we'll most likely have a successful rock climbing adventure. But if we don't, our trip to the mountains is bound to be a huge disaster. The same is true when it comes to the Daniel Fast.  In a few short months, I'll be leading the January 2018 Online Daniel Fast. Even though you might be tempted to wait to get ready, you should really beginning planning your journey now. It's important that you get the materials you need for a successful fasting experience.  The first resource I recommend … {Read More...}