Lent 2017

The Daniel Fast and Lent 2017

As an author, I'm a big fan of words. I enjoy looking up definitions to understand terms in a deeper way. So when I began writing this blog post about Lent 2017, of course, I had to do research on "lent." The word "lent" comes from the Old English term "lencten," which means "spring." On the surface, the meaning seems nice and sweet. After all, Spring is a wonderful season of the year. The weather turns warmer. Flowers begin to bloom. Nature comes alive. What's not to like? But you can't experience the beauty of Spring without the harshness of Winter. Frigid temperatures. Brown, … {Read More}

Revive Us Again - Jan 2017 Online Daniel Fast

January 2017 Daniel Fast Recap and Testimonies

Every January for the past six years, I’ve held an online Daniel Fast through my website. And every year, God has moved in mighty ways. This past January was no exception. Nearly 4,300 believers participated in the January 2017 Online Daniel Fast, which was held January 1-21. Our theme for the fast was, “Revive Us Again.” Men and women from around the world set aside the first three weeks of the year to focus on the Lord. Together, we cried out to God for revival – in our personal lives, our families, our churches, our communities, and our nations. In addition, nearly 300 people committed to take a small group through the fast and signed … {Read More}