August 2016 Daniel Fast

August 2016 Daniel Fast
One decision can totally change the course of your life.
The person you marry. Where you to go to college. Which career you choose.

In August 2009, I chose to participate in the Daniel Fast for the first time. I stepped out in faith, believing God would help me and sustain me. I also anticipated the Lord would work powerfully as I trusted in Him.

And He did. In more ways than I can count.

Now, seven years later, I feel like I’m experiencing déjà vu. Again, our pastor has called for a church-wide Daniel Fast in preparation for the launch of a new campus. Again, he is asking the congregation to join him and the leadership team in prayer and fasting. Again, I’m expecting the Lord to work miracles as I draw near to Him.

But this unique opportunity to draw near to the Lord isn’t just for me. It’s not just limited to the people of James River Church. It’s also for you.

Is there a situation in your life that needs God’s intervention? Are you desperate to hear from the Lord on a particular issue? 

Maybe you’re struggling with your job or facing financial ruin. Perhaps your marriage is falling apart or your child has turned away from the Lord. Or, you need God’s direction regarding an important decision. Whatever your situation, you can experience the presence of the Lord and know Him in a deeper way through the Daniel Fast.

Will you join me? Remember, your decision to commit three weeks to focused prayer can change everything. Everyone who joins the fast will receive encouragement and support from me. After all, we’re in this together!

May the Lord go before us and be glorified as we fast and pray in His name!

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If you decide to join the August 2016 fast, be sure to get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast (if you don’t already have it). My book will help you prepare physically and spiritually.

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast



    I look forward to being apart if the August Daniel fast thank u

  2. Laura Cron says:

    My Niece and I are joining you; We are believing God for my Mom. She is in a lot of pain, and has lost use of her legs.

    • I’m so glad you and your niece will be doing the Daniel Fast! May the Lord fill you both with His power and peace. I pray also that your Mom will receive strength and healing as you pray for her.

    • ava james says:

      im praying for healing for your mom. please pray that my marriage will continue to be strong in the lord. we are praying for our children as well

  3. I am joining in as well. It’s perfect timing. I have a few situations that I’m dealing with and I just need better perspective and strength from the Lord for me to deal with them biblically. I have your book on my Kindle and I’ll be reading through it to get better prepared. Thanks!

    • Wonderful! I’m so thankful you’ll be joining the fast. Have you signed up? Everyone who registers will receive weekly emails of support and encouragement. May God bless you abundantly as you seek Him!

  4. Thembani says:

    I’m looking forward to it as I will be a part of it. I’m believing in God for a profitable job and total healing. Amen

  5. Vondalyn Hall says:

    I will join you in the fast…how do I sign up?

    • Wonderful! All you have to do is click on the underlined link about the fast (in this post). Or you can go to the homepage of my website and click on the top right link in the sidebar. I’m thankful you’ll be joining the fast!

  6. wOW this is a definite sign! I was thinking on doing the Daniel fast … I thought I’d start it from 1 August BEFORE I even came across this website! I’m in for 1 August!!!

    • Great! I’m so glad you’ll be doing the fast AND that God confirmed the timing of it through this post! Have you signed up on my website? Everyone who registers will receive a weekly email of support and encouragement. May God bless you abundantly as you seek Him through prayer and fasting!

  7. Lisa Layton says:

    I signed up, do you gave me on the list?

    • Yes, Lisa. I checked, and you’re all signed up. You should have received an email or two by now. Let me know if you haven’t. I’m so glad you’re doing the fast!

  8. dishergirl says:

    To God Be The Glory, I wanted to start the Daniel Fast today. this is the first time I have ever took part in such a wonderful experience. I look forward to what God will show me, develop in me, and in others that I pray for. Be Blessed

    • Praise the Lord! May God fill you with His power and peace as you trust in Him. I’m so thankful for your act of faith and encouraged by your testimony. Thanks for writing!

      • Joseph Hamilton says:

        I prayed to God last week and he told me to fast 21 days beginning August 1st, I told my pastor, then, I just learned tonight about the same fast and same timing as you. God works in mysterious ways

        • That’s wonderful! God is so faithful to reveal His plans for us when we’re seeking Him. I’m thankful you are being obedient. May God bless you abundantly as you seek Him!

  9. Linda Bristow says:

    Please agree with me in prayer. I have never been able to successfully complete a fast due to my addiction to sugar!!! However, at the age of 59, I am finally ready to turn my will, and addictions over to God! I am sick and tired of being overweight and sluggish! I want to be all that God intended me to be! I will be joining you in the August 2016 Daniel Fast!

    • Linda, I’m so glad you’re going to join us on the fast! God WILL help you. Have you signed up for my weekly emails? That will help keep you encouraged and accountable. Remember, you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength (Phil. 4:13). Now is the time to break that stronghold, in Jesus’ name! May God fill you with His power and peace as you trust in Him!

      • Linda Bristow says:

        Yes, I’ve signed up for your newsletter and purchased your book. I am so grateful for your obedience to God’s call on your life! You are helping me and thousands of other women break the strongholds over their lives. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer!

        • Hi, Linda! Thank you for your comments, for purchasing my book, and for signing up for the newsletter. I pray you’ll be blessed by the resources! Your words are an encouragement to me today. It’s so awesome to see how God is working. I thank Him for you and your desire to honor Him in every area of your life. May the Lord pour out His richest blessings on you as you seek Him!

  10. Crystal says:

    I thought the Daniel Fast only included vegetables, fruit, and water?

    • Hi, Crystal. Great question. You will find a few different variations on the fast. The guidelines on my website are the most widely accepted and followed ones. But, if you want to have only vegetables and water on your fast, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  11. evelyn mbame says:

    Please I am trying to join the Daniel Fast in Agust.
    Thanks alot.
    Evelyn Mbame

    • All you need to do is click on the underlined link about the fast in this post. There is also a link on the top right sidebar of my website.

  12. Dear Kristen. I will definitely be joining. I need God, oh how i need Him. I desire my edge, the joy of my salvation to be restored. There are othe pressing issues, but this outweighs it ALL !!!

    • I’m so glad you’re doing the fast, and I’m believing with you for that joy to return. Have you signed up for the fast on my website? If you do, you’ll receive weekly emails of support and encouragement. May God bless you abundantly as you fast and pray!

  13. My husband and I are doing the Daniel Fast this year. We’re not only praying for God to go before all the things happening at JRC, but also for breakthrough in our own lives/family.

    My husband does not like veggies, though, so I’m a bit nervous about feeding him. When he did the fast as a bachelor, he lived off bean burritos. I’m digging into your book for menus and ideas, but do you have any advice for veggie averse fasting?

    • Hi, Mary! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing the Daniel Fast AND that your husband is joining you! One benefit of doing the fast is that it allows you to try new foods. 🙂 So I believe that as your husband submits to the Lord, he will discover a few new “likes!” One recipe I recommend is Black Bean Chili Bake. You can add diced peppers, onions, and olives, and he’ll have a nice serving of vegetables in that dish. That’s just one idea. This Daniel Fast may challenge his palate, but that’s a good thing! I pray God will guide you, and I’m confident He will!

  14. Loreen Baksh says:

    The Lord had been prompting me to go on a Daniel fast. I was thinking of starting August 1st to August 21st but wasn’t sure if that was the Lord wanted or if I could be honest, what I wanted. Tried once a long time ago but failed two days later, afraid might happen again. Just stumbled upon this and couldn’t help but praise God upon seeing the date for this fast and how brothers and sisters are partaking on the time I was thinking as well. He is the sustainer and He will sustain me through this as I seek Him in this season, just have to step out in faith now. Thank you for this post 🙂 happy to join.

    • Hi, Loreen! I’m so thankful the Lord led you to my website and, through it, confirmed the timing of doing the Daniel Fast. He is so faithful! Have you signed up for the fast on my website? When you register, you will receive weekly emails of support and encouragement. May God bless you abundantly as you seek Him!

  15. Felicia says:

    Excited to join you and will be praying for God to exceed the expectations of your church!!

    • Thank you, Felicia! And, thanks for praying for our church. Be sure to sign up to receive the weekly emails of support and encouragement. 🙂

  16. Violet Melendez says:

    I want to draw closer to God. I want to hear from Him. So much going on in the world, so much to pray for. I need the support, can’t do it alone. I will join the August 2016 Daniel Fast.

    • I’m so glad, Violet! God will help you as you trust in Him. Be sure to sign up through the link in this post (or on the home page, right sidebar, of my website) if you haven’t already. May the Lord fill you with His power and peace as you seek Him wholeheartedly!

  17. Lisa Meendering says:

    So excited for this opportunity! God can do amazing things through our obedience. Our family will pray for the North campus and preschool. We will pray for our church leaders and pastors. We will also pray for our country and turning back to Him. Also, our family will seek His guidance in our health and finances. God hears the earnest prayers of His people!

    • Hi, Lisa! Yes, I agree! Thank you for praying and joining the fast. May the Lord overwhelm you with His love, fill you with His power, and help you pray in accordance with His will!

  18. May Alzona says:

    Joining the August fast!!

  19. I will forever be thankful God placed you in my life. I’m so thankful for your prayers, guidance and encouragement during my first Daniel Fast in April. I am so excited to see what God does through this one! He opened doors from the last one that I was not expecting and definitely did not think I was fasting for! Love you friend!! May God continue to bless you as you serve Him and bless others.

    • Malinda, thank you so much for your comments! Yes, I, too, am excited to see how God works. AND, I’m super proud of you for doing another 21-day fast when you just completed one in April! God will bless you for it! I pray you experience a closeness with Him in the next few weeks that goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced or imagined. 🙂

  20. Yada Horace says:

    I am truly excited about the upcoming Daniel Fast. I am believing that God will provide guidance, understanding, and answers during this season of praying and fasting. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Yes, I am excited as well! Thank you for joining the Daniel Fast and for seeking the Lord. I pray He will pour out His richest blessings on you as you fast and pray!

  21. Medjine Philis-Volcy says:

    i am so excited and very passionate to do this walk with you, i just ordered your book, i m preparing my mind and soul. And guess what? August 1st its my birthday, i m sure the Lord had led me to your website, wowww this is a definite sign i ll get answers i have been looking for from Him.. I bless you Dear Kristen i thank God for you…Lets do this!

    • Hi! I’m so thankful you’ll be joining the fast (starting on your birthday)! Thank you, too, for purchasing my book. 🙂 I pray it will be a huge help and blessing to you! May God overwhelm you with His love and nearness as you seek Him!

      • Medjine Philis-Volcy says:

        Thank you so much ..??
        Well, I just received your book, God its an amazing book you did I lovvvvvve it, its colorful, well explained, all these daily scriptures…PERFECT
        i encourage anyone who is doing this Daniel Fast to get it. I m blessed to cross your path,,
        Thanks again?


        • Hi, Medjine! Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I pray you are blessed by my book. May the Lord use it as a tool to draw you closer to Him and deeper in prayer. 🙂

  22. Dawn Winslow says:

    Hello my friend, Very transparent moment here, I have wrestled with doing the fast this time. There is much going on in August and I’m struggling to figure out how I will do the fast and keep with commitments that involve food related events. But every time I think about not doing it, I feel in my heart they are excuses and the LORD is wanting to do something AMAZING in this season of growing our faith for our family, but the enemy wants to get me to bow to the circumstances of my life. It is with such great joy in my heart as I have read through all of these comments and prayed this morning and just asked God to help me, that I will be joining the Daniel Fast August 1. I haven’t figured out how I will handle the food related commitments yet, but God knows my heart and will help me work it out. You are such an encouragement to my soul dear Kristen. This post was exactly what I needed. I love you so and I’m praying for you my friend, dawn

    • Hi, Dawn. Thanks for sharing. You’re not alone in your struggle. Timing is always tricky when committing to the Daniel Fast because, inevitably, there will be food-related events within that 21-day time frame. Our society revolves around food! So, it can be challenging to know how to handle those types of situations. The Lord knows right where you are. He DOES see your heart. I’m confident He will guide you regarding this fast, just as He has in the past several years as you’ve done previous fasts. May the Lord give you clear direction as to which way you should go. I pray you will have peace about your decision, knowing that God loves you and is pleased with your desire to honor Him. Much love you to you, my friend!

  23. Kristen,
    Me and wife are going to do The Daniel Fast with our home church JRC. We purchased your book the last time we done The Daniel Fast. I am an avid bike rider and currently training to ride in the MS150 this year. Since I can not take Electrolytes, during this 21 day fast. what might you recommend as a healthy replacement.?
    Thank you, Don

    • Hi, Don! I’m so thankful you and your wife are doing the Fast. I pray the Lord will bless you both abundantly as you seek Him. Your question is a good one. I recommend diluting 100% fruit juice for your long bike rides. If you want something a little closer to an energy sports drink, you might try this recipe (using 100% fruit juice and no sweetener). I hope this information helps. And, good for you for doing the MS150! I did it in 2001, and it was a great experience. I’m an avid bike rider, too, so we have that in common!

  24. Kent Perry says:

    I received your book last January, but have been making excuses to “fast later”, no more! I need God today like never before! I am in.

    • Kent, I’m so thankful! God is faithful to guide us according to His will, and I’m glad to hear you are following in obedience. The Lord will help you! Be sure to sign up for the fast, if you haven’t already. When you do, you’ll receive emails of encouragement and support on Mondays and Thursdays. May God bless you abundantly as you fast and pray!

  25. I am joining you all in this August 2016 fast even though it means extra time, I started my fast a week ago. I love the idea of people all around the world coming together with one mind, to seek not only Gods hand but His face.
    I’m praying for my brother-in-law, the natural signs are not good. He beat cancer of the throat a couple years ago. It looked like he was making a good recovery from surgery to removed cancer from his pancreas a month ago when he had a massive heart attack which has left him on life-support for last 9 days.

    • Hi, Debbie! Thank you for your message. Yes, it’s powerful when a group of believers from across the globe join together at the same time for prayer and fasting. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of how God works! I’m sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, but God is working. Your prayers are not in vain. May the Lord give you wisdom on how to intercede for him.

  26. I am so excited to have an opportunity to join such a grand movement of God. Moving into this fast is evident that God has so much more in store for His people. I am blown away by how God has openly rewarded me and other like-minded prayer warriors through our recent transformation after seeking God’s face during a recent 40-day fast. But it is not over, in fact, it is only the beginning of a spiritual metamorphosis as God continues to move in our lives. As we seek God, we are able to walk, move, and speak with so much more authority and peace through the strength and clarity that comes from drawing closer, hearing, and relying on our Heavenly Father.

    Lord, I thank you in advance for revelation, healing, financial increase, new and mended relationships, spiritual clarity, purified hearts, increased territory, and overall peace that will come out of this upcoming 21-day Daniel fast, starting on August 1, 2016. In Jesus name, AMEN!

    • Carmen, thanks for your comments. Yes, it’s wonderful to be a part of such a move of God. I’m anticipating great things from the Lord as people all around the world are fasting and praying. And, I receive that powerful prayer at the end of your message. Amen!

  27. Lisvel Matías says:

    I am being struggling with my weight and my anxiety. I did the Daniel Fast three years ago and it was an amazing experience. I was thinking to do it again, and now that I read all the comments I fell that God is calling me to do it again. Please add me to your list. Thank you so much for let other people being part of this amazing opportunity.

    • Lisvel, I’m thankful you’re ready to do the fast again. Thousands are joining the August 2016 fast, so you’re not alone! To sign up, you need to click on the link in this post. It’s a two-step process, so look for a confirmation email. I’ll send out emails on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the fast. May the Lord fill you with His power and peace as you fast and pray!

  28. Paulette Kerr says:

    I am looking forward to this time of fasting and prayer for my family, my church and especially my work. I did a Daniel fast in January 2014 and I have not had the courage to do it again so I am very grateful for the opportunity to join you in this time of commitment and renewal.
    Let us pray for each other.

    • Paulette, I’m so grateful you are pressing on and doing the Daniel Fast again. God will certainly help you and bless you for your obedience. I pray you will be overwhelmed by the Lord’s great love for you as you spend extra, focused time in His presence. May you also allow Him to heal any hurt in your heart and fill that space with abundant joy. 🙂

  29. Looking forward to the prayers being answered in His will, by starting this tomorrow. Bless you x

  30. Beth M. Juoni says:

    A beautiful day to begin the Daniel Fast! Though the Lord knows what we truly need I’m asking for a fresh, deeper walk with Him, for our family to experience His saving grace, and for friends who are in need of miraculous healings. Thanks for your support during these next 21 days.

    • I agree! My husband and I were able to go on a bike ride this morning, and it was the perfect temperature! Thank you for your comments and kind words. May you sense the Lord’s nearness in a special way on this fast and grow closer to Him through prayer.

  31. ava james says:

    yes I started Monday. this is my first fast im so excited by getting closer to God and hearing from here. im here 7 days. but if I have to do 21 days so be it with GOD’s help.

    May GOD continue to bless.

    • Wonderful! I’m so thankful you’re on board. I pray God will guide you as to how long your fast should be. May the Lord fill you with His power and peace as you trust in Him!

  32. Janae' Jacobs says:

    I started the fast with the rest of the church on the 1st. We are using your recipes which have made participating in the fast much easier. Your recipes and advice are very helpful! Thank you!

    • Wonderful! I’m so thankful you’re doing the fast. Thanks so much for your kind words and comments. May God bless you abundantly as you fast and pray!