“Spiritually Strong” – January 2015 Daniel Fast

"Spiritually Strong" - Jan 2015 Online Daniel Fast
Holiday parties and programs are in full swing, which means festive foods are also in abundance. Cookies, candy canes, pies, and all sorts of sweets seem to assault us at every turn. And, since such indulgences seem to be part of celebrating the Christmas season, we partake. In excess.

That’s precisely why when January 1st rolls around, most people are suddenly highly motivated to make healthier choices. Weighed down by all the extra sugar and calories, their main desire for the New Year is to lose weight. Gyms all across the country are bursting at the seams with people working hard to get in better physical shape.

But, what if we put that much energy into improving our spiritual health?

One way I like to prepare for the year ahead is through prayer and fasting. For the past three years, I’ve led an online Daniel Fast in January. I’ve seen God do amazing things in my life and in the lives of thousands of others. This year the online Daniel Fast will be held January 4-24, 2015. Our theme is “Spiritually Strong,” based upon the verse, “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph 6:10). If you and I want to fulfill God’s plans for us in 2015, we must focus on building spiritual muscle!

Will you join us in seeking the Lord? I recommend also getting a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, to help you on your journey. Your commitment won’t be in vain. God will honor your sacrifice and bless you beyond what you can imagine!

May the Lord bless you richly as you hunger for Him!







  1. Amen,
    look forward to getting closer to God, and His will by fasting January 2015 with my siblings in Christ Jesus.


  2. Kim Conrad says:

    Can’t wait. So looking forward to my first Daniel Fast.

  3. Looking forward to my first Daniel Fast. I have been trying some of the recipes in preparation for the Fast and am amazed at how I am already feeling peace in my mind and body. Praise the Lord! I am full of anticipation for what the Lord is going to do in my life in 2015!

  4. I am so excited my husband and I did the fast a few months ago! The transformations in our marriage, life and finances were immeasurable! Looking forward to this new year kick off! God Blesa

  5. Looking forward to participating in the Daniel fast, and more importantly, using this as an opportunity to get closer to God. Also thanking God in advance for the breakthroughs and season of abundance that will take place in my life in 2015. 🙂

  6. Can’t register for Daniel Fast. Your link is an advertisement!

    • I just checked it, and I didn’t have any problem. People have been signing up all day. I’m not sure what happened! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Please try again, and let me know if it doesn’t work.

      • Kristen,

        My sister is just finishing her Daniel fast (on the 24th through your group) and as we have learned about it through her, my husband and I would like to START our Daniel fast. Hoping to begin Wednesday, 1/21.
        Is there a way for us to get your 21 days of devotional content even though it wouldn’t be through the mass emails, as we are 16 days behind!?

  7. I’m ready for #2015!!!!

  8. Randy Tripp says:

    I received the email and clicked on the webpage address and this is what I go and nothing else.
    “Thank you!

    If at any time you want to remove your name from the list, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.”
    Should I have gotten anything else?


    • Yes, if you enter your email address to sign up for the fast AND you’re subscribed to other Ultimate Daniel Fast newsletters, then your information is updated. I checked, and you’re signed up for the fast. Thanks for checking, though! I’m glad you’ll be fasting and praying in January!

  9. I am in Ghana, West Africa. I paid more attention to Daniel’s fast last year 2014. It was an awesome and wonderful experience for me and couldn’t wait for 2015. I blessed the Lord the life giver for keeping me till now. The only thing is, you seem to be hours way behind but I look forward to another awesome encounter with the Lord once again.

  10. I’m so grateful that you’ve devoted your time to the world! I worried so much about the physical food last year and almost missed out on the spiritual. Prayerfully, I’ll focus more on drawing closer to God.

    Thank you so much!

  11. I have signed up to receive the fast daily emails and for some reason I am not receiving them. I’ve checked my spam and junk mail.
    please help me with this.

    Thank you

    • I checked, and your email still shows “pending.” Use this link to sign up again, and watch for that confirmation email. Unfortunately, I’m not able to finish your registration process on my end. That’s the way the email program is set up (to prevent me from adding people to the list who don’t want to receive it). Thanks!

  12. I started on the 4th and it’s been great! I am totally looking forward to the awesome things that God has in store for me and my family for 2015! To make it better, my husband has joined me this time for the first time fasting ever!