One Word for 2015: FIGHT!

“Don’t be afraid….Remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and daughters, your wives and your homes.” – Neh. 4:14

Every December I ask God to give me a word. Not just any word, but one that describes what He wants to accomplish through me in the coming year.

In 2011 my word was SATISFIED. I needed to realize only the Lord can fill me.

In 2012 it was PEACE. God wanted me to let go of my fears and rest in Him.

2013’s word was REJOICE. I wanted to increase my level of joy by spending more time in praise and thanksgiving.

Last year it was RENEW. God faithfully revealed areas of my life that needed a fresh touch from Him.

As I begin 2015, I’m ready to live out my new word for this year. God is calling me from complacency and laziness in prayer to a place of fervent, frequent intercession for my family and friends. He’s challenging me to FIGHT!

My goal is to pray like never before  –  to be a “warrior woman” who fights on her knees!. I desperately want to see God do miracles in the lives of the people I love.

If you’re not familiar with the “one word” concept, let me clear up any confusion. Following is a list of practical steps to help you discover your word for this year.

How to “Get” Your One Word

1. Prepare your heart to receive your word.
Fast and pray (which you’re doing). God will speak when you put yourself into a posture to hear from Him.

2. Ask God to reveal your word.
The word can be anything – a fruit of the Spirit (kindness), attribute of God (mercy), or character trait (perseverance).

3. Do not seek counsel from others.
Godly counsel regarding issues or problems is essential, but you shouldn’t get advice on your word from family or friends. Let God show you what it is.

4. Look for confirmation of your word.
God will often bring your word to your attention through various ways – sermons, a song, conversations, etc. Expect God to make your one word undeniably clear.

4. Share your word.
Once you have your word, you can talk about it and share it with others. Ask them to pray for you and to hold you accountable so that God can do His work in you.

5. Live out your word.
Trust God to help grow in this area of your life. Keep a journal, and write down insights and lessons throughout the year. Keep praying about your word.

I challenge you to seek God for your one word for 2015. Use the steps above as a guideline, but don’t rush the process. Be patient as you wait on the Lord. Keep your eyes and ears open. God has something powerful to show you through your word!

If you already know your one word for 2015, please share it below!



  1. Julie Rudnick says:

    My word is GROUNDED! Standing Firm against temptations, the accuser’s lies and standing firm in Righteousness! Grounded in Him. Grounded in His Word. Grounded to accept the mission of prayer.

    • Lakenya Marion says:

      I agree Julie, I pray you stay grounded in 2015! Amen! Because the enemy is the accuser of the brethren! But he is a liar! Amen!


      • Hi, Monique! I would encourage you to keep seeking confirmation of that word. Sometimes it takes a few days of waiting on the Lord to get it. I know it did for me a couple of years ago. But, then God kept bringing that same word to me through songs, Scripture, etc. Then, after all those times, I was sure of my one word!

        • Heather S. says:

          I am a born again Christian (September 15,2014 the Lord awakened my Spirit) and I have been trying to live by His word ever since … I am still going through the tribulation process but I have very high hopes for my walk with Him this year … It’s a new year and a fresh start in Jesus’s name … I am 24 years old with two little girls that I take to church with me every Sunday and Wednesday… I feel like the Lord’s word is what puts breath in to my lungs.. even when I feel I’ve let Him down.. He is always right there to pick me back up.. His love is never ending and His mercy reigns upon me daily .. I ask that you pray for me in this new year .. I will be starting the Daniel 10 day fast with my family and if the Lord is willing .. I will pursue PAST the 10 days and continue fasting for the Lord with prayer as well .. I am seeking many answers and confirmations from Him in doing this , so please pray for me as my first fasting journey is drawing closer and closer .. I’ve realized this world we are living in is nothing but a temporary resting place.. my ultimate desire and resting place is with our Father and His Son in Heaven .. in the new Heaven and Earth our Father will create for us …. God bless you Sister for creating this site to share and acknowledge the Lord through fasting and prayer with like minded believers as well!

          • Thanks so much for your comment! First of all, you’re doing a GREAT JOB as a mother by taking your children to church. Good for you for training them up in the Lord. I know God will bless you for your commitment. He will help you on the Daniel Fast. His strength is all you need to start and finish! The Lord will give you success as you trust in Him!

          • Alie Goodson says:

            It is comforting to review all of the comments on your website. I am staying with a family that is starting the Daniel Fast. I have been on different fast before and am encourage to participate in this one. I believe that when we have a heart to hold on or stick with God, God knows. I have not asked yet for a single word from God but I did receive a strong unction that “God listens.” This has stayed with me since January 1st. Since God is omniscience, he knows our every moment. This too has been a comfort – God listens and he is with me.

          • I encourage you to give the Daniel Fast a try! It’s a wonderful way to draw near to God through prayer and fasting. God has always done great things when I’ve sought Him through the Daniel Fast. I didn’t say it was always easy because fasting rarely is. But, what I’ve learned has been worth it.

        • MoniqueJones says:

          Thanks Kristen, you are so right! I’m still waiting to hear my word. Until then I’ll be still and remain GROUNDED. Lol. GOD BLESS YOU.

        • Just as I opened up this message perseverance rose up in my spirit. When I read your word “fight,” I thought that’s it. I thought that is the word I need. I will seek God to show me and confirm my word.

        • MoniqueJones says:

          I heard it! I heard it! “PUSH THROUGH” Not only in regards to the Daniel Fast. I prayed and told GOD that I was having trouble understanding the book of Isaiah and I was considering skipping it and moving on to Jeremiah. GOD heard my prayers. I’m still fasting and reading Isaiah. PRAISE GOD.

    • Endure came to me not to give to my flesh.

    • My word is Presence, I seek to be in God’s presence to learn my purpose. God has a work for me and I want to walk in it.

  2. Faith Swain says:

    This is the fourth year our church, River of LIfe, Greentown, OH has participated in the Daniel Fast. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR INFO!!

    • Faith, I’m so glad to hear your church is seeking the Lord again through prayer and fasting. May God pour His power and favor as you humble yourselves before Him!

  3. Steve Bennett says:

    Learn to go with the Flow and trust God in everything.

  4. Glenna Hendrickson says:

    It is wonderful to hear your insight into God giving us His ‘one” Word! I am ready to hear Him give His unique Word for 2015. Many years passed, I would get ‘words’ or “phrases” from Him. That was exciting! I’m seeing how I have not been practicing The Presence in my daily life since then. Thanks for the reminder of how to get down to the basics again and seek after Him and His Word!
    Glenna Hendrickson

  5. Song of Solomon 4:2
    “His banner over us is love”
    An inviting love that welcomes closeness, fellowship, and ongoing relationship with God and others. Attractive love that draws and unites in passionate service and fresh energy.

    • Paula Hazlett says:

      Now that is powerful. My word is DESTINY. My destiny is leading me into God’s kind of love, the love you describe here. I’ve been longing for that kind of love a long time (blind to fact that Jesus was lavishly loving me like that always). I’m ready to be bound by that type of love, with people here on Earth.


  6. Ali James says:

    My two are DISCIPLINE/DILLIGENCE and when I was given them it was clear to be an extension of last year’so word TRUTH. When God asked me last year to voncenteate on truthfulness I felt puzzled as I don’t knowingly lie I had dealt with that in me a few years bask. But then he showed me that skirting the truth when things are awkward or to avoid confrontation or plain not speaking out when others are dealing in lies is as bad as lying. The challenge comes in doing it graciously and in a way that does not condemn or tear down.

    I believe God has shared with me that He wants to restore to my life all the things He intended for me to have and be!!!
    Praise God and Hallelujah!

    • I feel you on that! Mine is REVIVE. 🙂 It is a year of restoration, reviving, and refreshing…not just for me but for others. That beyond myself, God will use me to revive others!

      • I like that!!! A needed reminder — that restoration is not just for me, but for the people around me who God desires to affect through me!!! It’s sooooo exciting!!!

  8. FAITH. Even though I’m a woman of “faith” the last year I was
    complacent and did not trust God as I knew I should. My prayer and Bible reading time took a nose dive. God showed me in His kind and gentle way that I needed to pick it up and have FAITH in Him.
    With Kristen’s word I’m now working on a “fighting faith”.

  9. 2015. Faith. As soon as I read your opening line, faith jumped into my head!
    Not a hesitation, not a moment.
    So, faith it is! I will have faith throughout the next 365 days.
    My heavenly Father is. And with faith, whatever comes during 2015, with faith, God and Jesus, all will be as it should!
    Thank you for this amazing website. You are a blessing!

  10. My phrase is “with My Word, it is established.” We have learned to pray God’s word and faithfully take authority over strongholds in our family, church, community, nation and world. God loves to be reminded of His words and promises given to us! And we are victorious in the fight when we align ourselves with His thoughts and words, even when what we see is chaos. Still standing in the gap.

    I believe this to be my word, I noticed your new book contains the word and our women’s ministry group is going to the Women of Joy conference this April and it is about being Stronger also…this verse is fitting…thank you for allowing me to be part of this new beginning :
    Proverbs 31:25 N I V
    She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

  12. Lakenya Marion says:

    My word is “Deeper” this would be the year God wants to take me into a deeper relationship with him. A deeper in prayer and worship! Putting him first over all areas of my life! Amen!

  13. Lakenya Marion says:

    Also, this is the first time I will be doing the Daniel’s fast. So I pray for discipline. Amen! One question… can we eat popcorn?

  14. Our church in Riverview,FL has been doing an annual Daniel fast for 21 days each Jan. This is my third year and I am committed and expecting God to show me a word for 2015 and to open up His mission for my life this year. Thank you for this website!I am encouraged by you!

  15. My word for 2015 is Purpose! Inspired by the prayer of a co-worker as we ended 2014 a rough year at work, she said “…we are going from Pity to Purpose”.

  16. Deb McCann says:

    My word is Light. To seek the light of the Word and to let the light of the Holy Spirit to guide me and to shine from within.

  17. Jacinth Dada says:

    My word for 2015 is FORWARD. I believe God wants me to move forward in things He has place in my heart to do. Not looking back but, moving forward.

    • jocylyn nichols says:

      My word is dwelling:psalm 90:1
      My prayer is that God allows me to dwell secured in His devine will .This word was given to me 1/6/15 @840am.

  18. Donna Driggers says:

    My word is “Perception”. He gave me the direction last month that this year I am going to learn radical obedience. Then this year on the 1st, He dropped “Perception” into my spirit.

    His perception will lead me to the things of the spirit and who or what to pray for.

    Which started yesterday when He told me to pray for a lady walking out of the emergency room. Come to find out, she had some very irregular blood results. This is going to be a wild ride this year. :o)

  19. Ms. Uzoma says:

    Strength – Psa 73:25-26 Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee. My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

    Too long I’ve tried to be and do in my own strength. It is time for me to be and do in His.

  20. My word for the year is COURAGEOUS FAITH. In 2001 my husband had a recurrence of melanoma. It came back with a vengeance. I must admit my faith was weak and I worried I would lose him. However, he,
    as well as several members of our church received words from God that he would not die from cancer. We have many prayer warriors across US praying for him. My faith has grown immensely throughout his ordeal. He is not cured, however his doctors say his survival is “Devine intervention.” I believe God wants me to remain in courageous faith as my husband’s life continues to offer evidence of God’s healing powers. God has offered me amazing opportunities to testify of His healing and I hope for many more chances in 2015.

  21. Keisha Russell says:

    My phrase is JUST DO IT! To be brave and courageous in accomplishing all the Lord has asked of me. To not let fear determine my actions.

  22. Lynn Baldwin says:

    My word is Suddenly……..Suddenly things will begin to happen, when I step out of the boat and do what God has been telling me to do.

  23. Abide John 15

  24. Yvylyn Lawson says:

    Be Still:
    Be still and focus on Me
    Be still and be thankful for what you have
    Be still with your husband and kids and what I am doing in their lives
    Be still and know that I am God

  25. This is the first tie I hear about having a “one word” for the year. I will start praying for it today. Please pray for me to clearly find out which word the Lord wants for me. Thanks,

    • Great! Lord God, Seary is seeking you for her word for 2015. As she waits on You, give her wisdom and discernment to recognize your voice. Help her to know for sure what you want her focus to be for the New Year. I pray you’ll reveal a specific Scripture to guide her. Then, we trust you to fulfill that work in and through her! Amen!

  26. Janice Morabeto says:

    I’m happy to be joining you this year Kristen! I think you are marvelous and your ministry will make my Daniel fast (#4 for me) even better as I come to know our precious savior even better! I love this post and this spiritual exercise! I have prayed and will seek God this fast for the word He wants to give me. I’m praying for you too!

    • Janice, thank you for your encouragement…and your prayers! I’m glad you’re seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting again. The Lord DOES have a word just for you. Be patient. Keep praying, and you will hear from Him!

  27. Ruth Guerra says:

    HI Kristen, I saw one of your videos in youtube and was blessed by it. I know I’m supposed to be fasting and I will be starting next week. I see you have already begun the January 2015 21 day daniel fast. So I’ll be joining in soon!

    The word that the Lord has placed in my heart is DISCIPLINE- and it was amazing because I didnt’t know that you get disciple from this word DISCIPLINE. As a true disciple of Christ we need to learn DISCIPLINE!!!!! and i need this in my spiritual walk with Him.
    Thank you for this website!!!! i will be using some your recipes here.

    • Hi, Ruth! Thanks for you comment. Just curious…what video did you see? I’m glad you’ll be seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting! Since your word is DISCIPLINE, I have to tell you about my new book, Spiritually Strong. I think God may just want to use it to help you develop in your word. Here’s a link to the book trailer. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you seek Him!y the Lord bless you abundantly as you seek Him!

  28. Hi

    This is my 2nd year doing the Daniel Fast. Last year God did some amazing things two of which He brought 2 long lost siblings back into my life.
    This year, the second day, He showed up with a gift of $700.00 for the repairs for my car.
    Just Praising God!
    The question I have is all of these great! recipes are loaded with sugar or what turns to sugar. Am I gonna gain weight? and if so what would be the alternative?


    • Praise God for answered prayer in your life! I’m rejoicing with you. 🙂 About the Daniel Fast, many people actually LOSE weight on the fast. It all depends upon each individual’s food choices, activity level, portion sizes, etc. So, what happens depends upon all those factors put together. I hope that helps!

  29. My one word from the Lord is “Manifest/Manifestation”

    As I was sleeping on the morning of January 1, 2015, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me in my sleep and caused me ti sit straight up. He said “It’s Manifestation Time”. So I declare that it is time for the manifestation of what the whole earth has been groaning for until NOW….It is time for the Sons of God to “Manifest”

    Dr. “J”

  30. Ruth Guerra says:

    I’m sorry Im going to have to correct myself because I watched a video from someone else who had done the Daniel fast (mickeylala25) and she mentioned you in the video. She gave your website information and that’s how I found your website. 🙂
    I will check out your book! Thank you!

  31. I am praying and trusting God for my one word for the year. God give me discernment and the ability to hear and know your voice.

    Thank you for this site very encouraging. God Bless all who has shared and inspired:)

  32. DISCIPLINE is, also, my word for the year. I believe that God has been calling me to be more disciplined, particularly with my diet, but temptation keeps rearing it’s ugly head. I am surrounded by junk food but am going to make a commitment to get spiritually strong and live a healthier life to feel energetic enough to carry out God’s design for all that He has in store for me. The Daniel Fast has already been been breaking strongholds, and I am excited to be on this journey. Today, I will pick up Spiritually Strong from the bookstore, and plan to start reading it after the fast is over. Thank you, Kristen for listening to God’s leading and putting together this website and writing these books to help your readers live the life To emulate more of what Jesus has intended for us.

    • Amen, Pam! God will honor your desire and commitment to get in better physical AND spiritual shape! Thank you for sharing how the Lord is working in your heart and life. I’m blessed and encouraged by your comments! Press on, sister!

  33. My Word is TRUST. As I was reading this post the Lord put this word in my Spirit. Then The scripture came Isaiah 40:30-31. I am definitely in a season of waiting and trusting all While doing and Living in Purpose. Thank you for this post and I am encouraged to be apart of this community of believers.

  34. My word is DILIGENCE. Being intentional, constant in effort, with careful and prayerful perseverance. The first word that came to (my) mind was INTENTIONAL. I believe God further revealed to me the true meaning of intentional with (His word), diligence. It’s really neat to see how these two words come together to mean remain industrious yet not without care or regard of purpose. I need to pray more before I act and not wasteful of my time to accomplish his work. Thank you God.

  35. jocylyn nichols says:

    I am truly encouraged by the ,various testimoniesthat has been placed on this web site,Gods bless for 2015
    Blessings jocylyn.

  36. My word is Encourage. I’ve had this word in my head for a few days but today as I am rereading your book that’s when it really jumped out at me! Compassion; Isaiah 58:7. Thank you Kirsten for all your prayers and encouragement.

  37. I always hear people say how God spoke them, and l never experience it but at a prayer meeting recently as we were praying l heard a word clearly wholesome words. That day I was angry with my 15 yr old about going to a Halloween party so the holy spirit rebuked me for saying wrong things. Then another time , l heard l will give you garden of roses.what it mean?

    • I would encourage you to spend some time in prayer about what God wants you to learn. Ask Him what “garden of roses” means in your life. I believe if you come to Him with a willing heart and ready to listen, God will give you insight. He is faithful!

  38. My word for the year is TRUST. I sense there will be quite a bit of change coming in my life this year and God wants me to fully surrender my plans and trust His instead. I sold my house in a day at the end of last year without knowing where He was leading me. I’ve had total peace He has a place for me and am continuing to wait on Him and trust He is moving me where He wants me to be next.

  39. My word is Relax. The words of the poem Let Go Let God came to me. I printed the poem and have it on my desk.

  40. Hi Kristen, I’ve came across ur comments while searching for some infor about the Daniel fast. I’m trying to reconnect with my father God. I started the Daniel fast on Thurs 1/8. I’m so hungry already. I’m trying not to focus on food. It’s difficult not having a prayer partner. However, I’m going to keep trying. Also you mentioned praying for a word that the Lord what he wants to accomplish through me in 2015. Please everyone pray I will make it to 21 days. Thank u…

  41. Dawn Winslow says:

    My word this year is Peace. God has so deeply spoke this to my heart and how I must rest in Him this year. I am to strive less and rest in Jesus more and there find my Peace.

    Blessings ~~ dawn

  42. Carolyn F. Johnson says:


    • Carolyn, I’m glad to hear you’re seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (Matt. 5:6). God will honor your commitment to Him!

      Lord God, as Carolyn humbles herself before you on this fast, I pray you’ll fill her with the power of your Spirit. As you speak to her through your Word, give her ability to understand what you’re saying and how you want her to apply your truth to her life. Show her how to pray for others, and give her a passion for intercession. Thank you, God, for the good work you’ve begun in Carolyn’s life, and we praise you for the answers to prayer that are ahead! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  43. Hi, I believe my one word God put in my heart this year is ‘INCREASE’, in faith in particular, during last week when I started the fast I had been praying a lot for myself and church to grow much from this fast and He immediately put in my heart to pray for an increase in faith. It was practically screamed in my ear and it gave me a great feeling, a great sense of relief as well, as if the Holy Spirit helped to confirm it. It really gladdened my heart and I know without a doubt it will manifest for us. Thanks for letting me share

  44. My word for 2015 is Victorious

  45. Great information on the website. Keep up the awesome work! My word for 2015 is Faithfulness. Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much…”

  46. Denise Barrows says:

    My word for this year is Thankful!!
    I’ve been doing this ‘One Word” for about 5 years now…Now I have a thankful heart….so Thankful..My reminder of what God has already done on my behave! ..Blessings!

  47. Today I start the Daniel fast. God began to talk to me about this in early November 2014. My eyes filled with tears as I read the comments above and seen the “words” the Lord has given. I gave my heart to God July 21, 2011…He instantly delievered me from a meth addicition and alcohol. I now teach Teen Sunday School and play music in our church. I am so incredibly undeserving of God’s Grace on my life! My prayer is to seek GOD first and foremost above Everything in 2015! I am currently attending ministry school and I am so unsure of what God has in store for me, but I stand on Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future.”……..Praying that GOd will reveal my Word soon!!!

    • Praise God for all the work He has done, is doing, and WILL do in your life as you seek Him! Your encouragement is such a testimony to the fact that NO ONE is beyond God’s grace! Yes, keep praying about your word. God will reveal it as you trust Him to show you!

  48. Thanks for all the good recipes. Didn’t think I’d have so much fun cooking again. Hope you”ll put out a cookbook with more yummy recipes.

    God Bless

  49. I’m praying about it… but I think my word is LISTEN!!!

  50. My one word for 2015 is SIMPLIFY. My life has become so complicated that now it seems all I see is chaos. I decided to make a planner that includes everything in one place, especially reminders to myself. When I have a thought, appointment, or to-do list, I compile it all in one place along with my calendar, menu plan, coupons, grocery list, etc. It is not completed but I know if I try too hard it will become complicated. So i made a basic plan for it and I try each section for at least a week before I move on to the next section. That way I allow myself a step back so as not to “complicate” the process and thus give up or quit. I cannot allow myself to become overwhelmed or I am likely to drop it all. So I am working in every aspect of my life to SIMPLIFY…

  51. Angeline S says:

    My word for 2015 is PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE
    Praise God always, in the midst of a storm, and the peace of the day. God confirm the word with a song in my spirit; Glorious You are Glorious.
    The word that God gave me is that He fight the battles and give me strength to overcome all.
    Every time I face a situation and remember to keep my focus on praising God and I can clearly tell that it raise my faith and bring an inner peace within..

  52. I am fasting with my local church. Am asking God for breakthroughs and deliverance and encouragement for this word plan.

  53. I actually started my fast later than Id like to due to finances, but God had given me my word on NYE…Mine is FREEDOM! Due to so many trials and tribulations, Satan has put strongholds in my life. Places of comfort other than God in the form of FB and Food. God asked me to give up FB for the year (YES, REALLY!! Lol) and He told me to declare 2015 the YEAR OF FREEDOM. This year I will delivered from gluttony, slothfulness, and past pain. A spirit of discipline will come over me. I believe and receive it …along with healing in all areas of my life. I AM FREE!! John 8:36

  54. Sister!

    I came here for Daniel fast recipes, my eyes skimmed down and saw”one word for 2015: FIGHT”.

    I KNOW this is confirmation because the Lord gave me the same word. I will also be fighting on my knees this year.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Be blessed

  55. David Muchai says:

    At our church, we are in the second week of prayer and fasting of 14 days. Our corporate word for the year is power according to Genesis 21:1-9. God empowered Abraham and Sarah to birth Isaac after they had walked with God for 25 years. God will this year empower me to birth that which has been the desire of my heart and the remove the same and mockery associated with the lack thereof.

  56. Lucia Murgan says:

    I believe that the word God has given me is Faith!

  57. Health… the issue of my health and possible problems with it have been popping up and I am in Day 9 of the fast with my church and have confirmed through my prayer and fasting that this is definitely what God wants me to focus on this year.. last year it was discipline.. the year before that I have improved that the focus on health will be easier! Isn’t it awesome how God gives us things in progression?!?!

    • Amen, Kim! Thank you for sharing your word and what God is doing in your life. Since your word is health, you should consider getting my new book, Spiritually Strong. It’s all about getting in better physical and spiritual shape! Here’s the book trailer. May God bless you as you seek Him!

  58. Tanesha H. says:

    My word for 2015 is Grateful!

  59. My word for 2015 is VICTORY. I am believing God for healing of my body and mind and victory over having food as an idol. The Daniel Fast has been an excellent start for me to submit this stronghold to God and to obtain hope for the future in terms of walking in the self control he already gave me. I am also believing God for VICTORY in all other areas of my life, as I continue to seek Him. ~ career, finances, relationships, etc. Thank you Kristen.

    • Hi, Carol! Thanks for taking time to share your word and what God is doing in your life. I’m believing with you for VICTORY! In fact, I’d like to help you continue walking in victory beyond the Daniel Fast. My new book, Spiritually Strong, may just be an answer to your prayer as you submit to the Lord! Here’s a link to the book trailer. May the Lord bless you abundantly as you seek Him!

  60. My word for 2015 is OVERCOMER! I have been through so much in the past years, and when I learned of the One WORD for the year through the bible app that I use, I began to pray and ask God to speak to me and give me my ONE WORD for 2015. I know that this year will be a year of changes for me and my family. I will no longer live in fear, or let the enemy take what God has for me any longer. I will OVERCOME it all. I started the Daniel fast on Jan 4th and this week is the final week. I am so glad that I joined the rest of my friends and other people across the nation. I can say that this fast has brought me closer with God, and I am more hungry to get into his word more than I have every been. Your daily devotionals are such an inspiration to me and help me get through the day. I pray that I have the will power to continue on this journey as 2015 move forward. Thank you for the inspiration to continue to remain in the arms of the Lord. Be Bless.

  61. Karen Wright says:

    My word this year is a fruit of the spirit-Self Control. I want God to help me gain self-control over my eating, fiancé and clutter in 2015. I have been reading a few books in this area and they are tying clutter and weight together. I know this is my word from God this year because I have been doing some online challenges of DE cluttering. I find I stay in my healthy eating patterns because I am so busy DE cluttering and I feel better when I see areas of my home clutter free. Also, I have energy to do the work of DE cluttering. Clutter can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start can be depressing and lead you to the kitchen for comfort. Instead, I find myself in my prayer chair asking God for HIS wisdom and power. Last night, my niece was sharing about where she had been reading about having one word for the year. When I told her my word, she was concerned about the word “self”. This morning as I write these comments, it was clear to me that this word is learning to be self controlled with God’s power.

  62. My word is Shalom. Most people’s first response it that’s a good word peace. But it is much more than peace it means peace, prosperity and good health. I am expecting God to bring that about for me and those I encounter. I am intrigued by the word “fight” because the Lord has impressed upon me that we need to come out of our complacency and shallowness and get closer to God. Not to be content with business as usual.

    • That’s a great word! And, I like how you explained that “shalom” is so much more than just a simple “peace.” May God overwhelm you with His favor this year as you seek Him!

  63. karen boatright says:

    My Word is LOVE because God showed me that if I love him I will obey him. William Blackaby, the author of Experiencing God, says we don’t have an obedience problem, it’s a love problem.

  64. My Word is FIGHT back. From Joshua 1:9. God is commanding me to be strong and courageous, to stop being timid, but to have the spirit of a warrior — to fight back in my spirit. Lately, I had become discouraged on the job, with my financial situation and different health challenges in my digestive system – losing weight out of fear of eating something that would trigger reflux and other issues in my GI tract. I’m already very small, so weight loss is something I don’t welcome. So, God is telling me to have the spirit of a warrior and not settle in this place of lack and mediocre. So during this consecration, I have expectations from the Lord to restore, renew and heal.

  65. My word is RESToration

    ~Joel 2:25-26~
    I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter, my great army, which I sent among you. “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you. And my people shall never again be put to shame.