January 2015 Online Daniel Fast Testimonies

"Spiritually Strong" - Jan 2015 Online Daniel FastFor the past four years, I’ve led an online Daniel Fast during the first three weeks of January.  I’m always so encouraged by the number of believers who join me in prayer and fasting.

Our theme for this year’s online Daniel Fast was, “Spiritually Strong,” because our desire for 2015 is to, “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10). The fast ended Saturday, January 24th, and already I’ve received many testimonies about God’s faithfulness. The Lord has given victory over sin, strength during weakness, wisdom in job situations, and salvation of loved ones!

One fast participant emailed to share the miracle God did in the life of her Buddhist father. Her dad, who lives in Singapore, has never been interested in the things of God. But in the last two weeks he began attending a Chinese church with a friend. On day 20 of her fast, the woman received word that her dad gave his life to the Lord! She wrote, “I’m overjoyed! I have been praying for his salvation for 28 years.” This woman’s story is a perfect example why we must continue to pray fervently, not just in January but throughout the year.

Following are more testimonies from the January 2015 Online Daniel Fast. I pray you’re encouraged by them as you hear just some of the wonderful things God has done!

  • “I have a testimony to share from my Daniel Fast in 2010.  I prayed for a job and got the job while doing the fast. I’m still working at that same job four years later. Praise be to our faithful and loving God who gives us the desires of our heart.” – Pam
  • “This was my first Daniel fast in many years, and God has truly worked wonders in my life. Two days into the fast I was praying about my relationship, and the Spirit began revealing to me that I had been battling a spirit of perversion. But my submission to God during the fast loosened the enemy’s grip on me. Deliverance is mine! I also prayed that God would lend professional guidance to my business partner. Three days later, he received word that a new company was taking them over, and his new bosses would be people he used to work for that he LOVES and respects. I began the fast giving my living arrangement to God. I was renting way above my price range, and now 21 days later I’m working with a Realtor on the purchase of my first home! I cannot believe how my life has changed. I give God all the glory and the honor.” – Jerome
  • “I used your book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, for my New Year’s Daniel Fast in 2014, but this year it has been a WHOLE NEW level since I received the daily newsletters with the videos, focused prayers, and other information. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. ” – Seary
  • “Thank you for all the good recipes and encouraging pieces every day.  My thinking is renewed, and I know God is at work in me. ” – Henriette
  • “I wasn’t sure I could do this fast, and I have to say at times it wasn’t easy being such a huge coffee drinker and meat eater. I prayed every day that God help get me through the next day. I’ve always been a huge food addict. I weigh more than 300 lbs, and food has always been my go-to. Each day was a little easier as I looked forward to reading more of my Bible and your emails. I lost about 20 lbs in the 21 days, but the weight loss was just a plus. Thank you for helping with your encouraging words every day. I can’t wait to continue on this journey and learn more! God is good!” – Keri
  • The fast was inspiring, and we believe many of our group members here in Saudi Arabia have entered into a closer relationship with our Savior.” – Marcel
  • I found the Daniel fast to be fun and easy compared to two years ago when I did it the first time. This year I lost 11 pounds and had a substantial decrease in heartburn and gastric reflux. Now I’m looking forward to eating this way the rest of my life at least 75-90% of the time.  Spiritually, I have been blessed in many other ways. Thank you for your website and encouragement.” – Deb
  • “I’m so grateful I was looking up recipes on Pinterest and saw an invite to join for the daily fast emails! My church does a fast at the beginning of every year so this was perfect! This fast was so much needed for me to get a handle on the sweets I overdid during the holidays, and I’ve been so excited to see what God has for me this year! Thank you so much, Kristen. Your encouragement was much needed and appreciated!” – Ann
  • Thank you, Kristen, for the Ultimate Daniel Fast and your videos. They’ve been so encouraging and have helped me make it through the whole fast. The Lord has done so much for me, just in more freedom in my walk with Him (a weight loss of 10 lbs and getting those cravings back into control again). I love fasting and what it does so much that I plan on implementing it in my life in smaller time frames.” – DeDe
  • I’m learning how to focus on the positive even in negative situations. God is showing me how to do that.  Thank you for your website. It has been a blessing to me.” – Wray
  • The past 21 days have been cleansing both spiritually and physically. The daily videos, recipe ideas, and your encouraging words, Kristen, were God-anointed. I praise God I stumbled across your website. Thank you so much for being obedient. You have helped other soldiers in the fight. I will continue to do this fast annually as it’s a perfect way to start out the New Year!” – Debbie
  • “You did a great job with the devotions, suggested meals, and videos.  The videos made it feel like you were cheering me on. The fast has helped me reach a new level of a relationship with my Lord and Savior.” – Lynette
  • My husband and I did the fast, and it was a great adventure in so many ways. Your book is a fantastic resource, and we experimented with recipes that we would never have tried before. While it’s true we’ve denied ourselves some food items, we’ve gained much more than what we didn’t have. Thank you!” – Kathy
  • This was my second year on the Daniel Fast, and it was the most difficult. And I thought last year was rough. But the two times I was about to throw in the towel, give up and quit, I cried out to the Lord. I actually felt His strength and grace overwhelm me. ” – Barbara

And, then, one final testimony from Chase. It’s a bit long, but well worth your time in reading through it. I like how Chase sat down to list what God showed him on his fast. It’s a great way to reflect on God’s many blessings and lessons. If you participated in the online fast this year, I encourage you to do the same!

What I Learned:

  1. Food is not my master!
  2. Fleshly desires are not my master!
  3. God is so much greater than we can even think or imagine!
  4. Never give up on friends no matter what they did in the past!
  5. Always trust in God. If you believe in Him, He will show you everything!
  6. The flesh will always be weak! (Don’t give into it!)
  7. There is so much power in the blood of Jesus! It covers all and heals all!

What Has Happened:

  1. I got a new job on the second day of the fast! I am so excited for the future!
  2. I rekindled an old friendship and have forgiven this person for what happened!
  3. I’ve learned how to take control of my mind, spirit, and body to focus as one unit!
  4. I’ve had more Spirit-filled goodness than I can account for!
  5. I’ve grown not only closer to God but also closer to my accountability partner through this fast!
  6. I realized very quickly that what I was doing in life was wrong. Life is not about money and possessions. It’s about what we can do to serve others.
  7. I completely and totally changed my thinking and thought process to what God wants, and I play the background!

“There’s a whole lot more that has happened on this journey.  I can’t believe it’s already finished. I gave up sugar, salt, preservatives, and meat for 21 days straight, and you know what? I feel better than I ever have! I feel renewed! I feel like I am once again reborn to a new creation!  I encourage any believers to take the time to do this fast as well. It has been amazing!” – Chase

 Praise the Lord! All glory to His holy name!

If you weren’t able to participate in the January 2015 Online Fast, don’t be discouraged. You can do the Daniel Fast any time of the year! My book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, will be a huge help on your journey. It walks you through every aspect of the fast with 21 daily devotions, 100+ recipes, meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and tips on fasting. Also, you can get a list of the 21 videos I sent out during the online fast. Finally, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter to stay informed about future online fasts!


  1. Praise God Fellow Fasters,
    This is my day 3 of the Daniel Fast. It is also the first time I have ever attempted it. After wanting to fast,then being approached to fast by my daughter then later by my Girlfriend, I figured God had confirmed it 3 x so I am in day 3 along with 2 of my daughters,and my husband who said he will give up beer for 21 days and I am enjoying the word and studying . I am looking for my word for 2015. I am having a little struggle with caffeine and nicotine but with Determination and the Lords help I will make it thru, I keep telingl Satan, I am not going to quit , I am gonna keep trying,in 3 days, i have had no coffee and 1 cigarette. keep us in your prayers as we continue to the 21st day! Pressing for purpose in my life,healing mentally and physically for the family,breakthrough of finances,for my children and grandchildren to find Salvation,Inner Healing and Stability for us all,Incarcerated Son to stay protected,Continue to find God,and be the Man and Father God has designed him to be, for an early release and to help make a difference in his community.God Bless you all to complete this fast and hear from God in a Mighty way and see his wonders performed and recognize them. In Jesus Name We Pray, AMEN!

    • Darlene, what a wonderful testimony! I’m so glad you’re seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting. As you draw near to God, He will draw near to you. And, when God draws near, lives are changed! Miracles happen! Continue to trust in God to provide the strength you need every day. Keep your eyes on the Lord when the enemy tries to knock you down. The Bible says, “He holds victory in store for the upright” (Prov. 2:17). That’s YOU! Do you have a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast? Also, did you see the list of 21 daily videos you can watch on your fast? May the Lord fill you with His power as you trust in Him!

  2. I have been obese for a few years now. In December, my best friend’s father said to me: “If you lose weight, I will quit smoking.” We then agreed that if I was to lose 20 pounds he would quit smoking. (He has been a smoker for 50 something years or more) This is the best motivation EVER for me to shed some pounds!!! And getting CLOSER to Jesus while losing weight is a win-win situation for me!

    Please keep me and my friend’s dad, Freddy, in your prayers. For me to lose the weight and for him to have the strength to quit smoking.

    I will be starting Spiritually Strong: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide to Building Your Body and Soul next Monday! I can hardly wait. Praise the Lord!

    • Seary, you’re going to DO it! How do I know? Because God will help you! Thanks for sharing your testimony. I’m so glad you’re continuing the good habits you adopted on the January 2015 Online Daniel Fast. Thank you for getting Spiritually Strong. I pray the book is a blessing to you and just the right tool for you to lose 20+ lbs!

      Lord God, thank you for Seary and her faithfulness to you. I pray you will empower her to keep taking care of herself physically and spiritually. As she spends time in your Word and in prayer, renew her spirit. When she exercises and makes healthy choices, bless her efforts to honor you. May her transformation be a testimony to the people in her life, including Freddy. Give Freddy the strength to quit this life-long habit and to recognize that you were the One who helped him do it! Thank you, God, for the victory you’ve already given Seary and Freddy! Praise your holy name!

  3. Cecelia Green says:

    Hi Kristen, I texted you a few weeks ago telling you I was a diabetic trying the Daniel Fast for the first time and appreciated the recipes you offered me. Well, I’m on my “25th” day, feeling like a new person, eating in a way I never thought I could! My intention is to continue on the fast until Easter and most of the food combinations I will probably incorporate into my new eating lifestyle! Again, my sister, God’s richest blessings to you for all that you do for so many of us!

    • Cecelia, that’s wonderful! I’m so glad you updated me. Praise the Lord for all He’s doing in your life. Your comments are such an encouragement. May the Lord continue to fill you with His power and peace as you trust in Him!

  4. I’m on day 4 of my Daniel Fast. This my first time and I just praying for strength in the Lord. I am glad that I came across your website and I look forward to fasting in the future!! I will purchase your book to help me find recipes and encouragement along the way!! Thanks

    • Hi! I’m so glad to hear you’re seeking the Lord through the Daniel Fast. It’s a wonderful experience as you press in to know the Lord in a deeper way. I pray my book is a blessing to you on this journey! May God strengthen you with His power and fill you with His perfect peace!

  5. Douglas Dixon says:

    I would like to know where to sigh in for online Daniel fast I can’t seem to find how to enter or sign up please Email me so I know what to do clicking to link sends me to same home page