Join the Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study!

Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study
A few weeks ago, the first Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study was launched, and more than 675 people signed up! If you missed out or weren’t quite ready to commit, you have another opportunity to participate.

But, first, let me explain what Spiritually Strong is and what the online study offers.

To grow stronger in the Lord, you must exercise your muscles on a regular basis. My book, Spiritually Strong: The Ultimate 6-Week Guide to Building Your Body and Soul, outlines six exercises that will train your spiritual core – Bible study, prayer, fasting, healthy living, financial stewardship, and serving others. (Watch the Spiritually Strong book trailer for more information.) As you develop self-discipline in these areas, you will learn to:

  • Study the Bible and understand what God is saying to you.
  • Pray with power.
  • Incorporate periodic fasting into your life.
  • Honor God with your body through nutritious eating and exercise.
  • Practice good stewardship of the resources God has given you.
  • Serve others in humility as an outward demonstration of God’s love.

Spiritually Strong includes a 6-week Bible study and workout plan. You can go through the book on your own, but I recommend doing it with others.  A group setting provides accountability, encouragement, and support, which will help you be more successful.

That’s where the online opportunity comes in.

The second Spiritually Strong Online Bible Study begins April 20th.
 When you register for this session, you will receive a weekly email from me that includes a short devotion, video message, recipes, and other helpful resources. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook forum that’s only available to study participants.

So, what is your first step? Get a copy of Spiritually Strong (bookstore or online), and begin reading. You need to finish Parts 1 and 2, as well as Chapter 10, before the start date. The last day to register for the study is April 9th. Please note that registration for the April-May session is closed. If you’d like to be informed about future online study dates, sign up for my monthly newsletter.

God has called you to be strong in Him and in His mighty power (Eph. 6:10). So do your best to get physically and spiritually fit. You don’t want to miss out on God’s best for your life!

Kristen Feola


Kristen Feola, Author and Former Personal Trainer
Kristen Feola
Author and Former Personal Trainer



  1. Lucirene Aldous says:

    I am so happy to be doing the Daniel Fast. I love to be connected with God. This is my first time.
    In Jesus name, Amen!!!

  2. Very interested in improving my relationship with the Lord. A close friend recommend this bible study to me.

    • Hi, Tracey! Yes, this study will help you grow in the Lord by taking simple steps of obedience. I’d love for you to join the online study that begins April 20th. Let me know if you have any questions. You can sign up to receive weekly support and encouragement (just click on “Join the Study” toward the bottom of this post).

  3. Phyllis Guthmiller says:

    I want to sign up for Spiritually Strong Bible study. Have bookon order. Am looking forward to an adventure with Jesus.

    • Great! All you need to do is click on the link, “Join the Study,” in the post above (it’s at the end). Fill out your email, and then you’ll be all set!

  4. good day! i am interested in joining the online bible study. but i want to know how do i join

  5. Teresa Thomas says:

    This study sounds like just what I need, but I was also thinking about doing the Daniel Fast here soon, do the two go together hand in hand? Would it be too much to do the Daniel Fast before this study begins, and if so will the recipes and such that go along with the study interfere with the fast? Or is it better to wait and start the fast when this study starts?

    • I wouldn’t recommend doing both at the same time, just because both require your full attention. The two do complement one another, but you might find it too much to do them together, especially if you’ve never done the Daniel Fast before. I hope that helps!

  6. Sign me up girl.

    • Judy, I’m glad you’re in! You’ll have to click on the link toward the end of the post that says, “Join the Study.” Then watch for a confirmation email. So glad you’re going to go through the study! 🙂

  7. This is a very interesting program to improve my relationship with the god. I am very excited to join this program.

  8. Arthur Lynard says:

    Completed the Daniel fast, grew closer to God. Went out and bought Spiritually Strong and this walk is amazing. I thank God for you you and your
    wisdom and sharing this food for our souls. On week 2 and sad because there are only 4 weeks left. I don’t want this to ever end!