Listen to God.

Listen to God.

“Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God.” – John 8:47 NLT

It was an early Saturday morning, and no one else in the house was awake. I quietly slipped out of bed, put on my workout clothes, and headed to the gym. After more than two weeks at home with my children on Christmas vacation, this momma was desperate for some time alone.

When I entered the facility, I was immediately assaulted by deafening, rap-style music. The song blared through the speakers at full volume. At first I thought, There’s no way I can exercise like this! But, I was determined. I wasn’t going to leave. In the thirty seconds it took me to walk to the treadmill, I heard at least five obscenities. I couldn’t get my headphones on quickly enough.

Even after I turned on my Christian music, I could still hear the other song. It was distracting and disturbing. The lyrics made me uncomfortable. I did my best to concentrate on the positive words in my ears and tune out the profane.

It wasn’t long before I barely noticed the rap music and was able to settle into my workout. After fifteen minutes, the perpetrator turned off the radio and left the building. I was finally able to relax and exercise in peace. We live in a world that’s riddled with sin. Evil is all around us, and we’re constantly bombarded with negative influences. Sometimes the world can be loud – shockingly loud – and it’s difficult to hear the Lord’s voice. Therefore, we must choose to focus on truth and tune out anything opposed to it.

Daily Bible reading is essential to walking in victory. You should hunger for God’s instruction just as you hunger for food. You need to take pleasure in His commands more than you savor a fine meal. If you struggle with consistency in this area, ask God to increase your desire for His Word this year. May you find renewed delight in listening to Him!


  1. It is astounding how God speaks to us in so many ways, often hidden, so we need to seek His word. I am approaching my start date for my Daniel Fast, and I have to say, I have cold feet. I am worried that I will not be able to complete the 21 days, therefore dissappointing my Holy Father. Your blog today has helped regain my focus. Thank you.

    • Kate, thanks for your comment. Fear is normal when you undertake a new adventure, such as the Daniel Fast. However, give God your fear and trust Him to do the work. One truth that helps me is Psalm 56:3, which says, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” You must choose to push past any anxiety you’re feeling and choose to rest in God’s perfect peace. He will provide the strength you need!

  2. Valerie Landfair says:

    I love your website and I have forwarded your link to several members of my ministry and my church. My church have always participated in the Daniel Fast, but I found your ministry very helpful for Christians and non-Christrians who are new to this spiritual discipline.
    I enjoyed this posting, but was a little taken back with your linkage of rap music (even with profanity) and the word ‘perpetrator’. I workout and hate listening to profanity in music, movies, on the street, etc…, but I was really disturb by your use of the the word and images invoked by your word choice – “perpetrator.”

    • Hi, Valerie! Thank you for your comments and feedback. To address your concern about the use of the word “perpetrator,” I simply used it as a form of exaggeration. One definition of perpetrator is “a person who commits an illegal or criminal act.” Of course, it wasn’t a literal crime to play music with curse words; however, I was offended and felt as if my mind and ears had been violated. Sometimes in writing you do that – exaggerate – to make a point. That’s all I was trying to do.

  3. Peggy Grover says:

    I have enjoyed your book for about four years. The have done the fast the last four years each time starting on the 10th. Through the book I have learned to fast get closer to God and I have seen God answer so many of my prayers. I tell everyone I see about your book. The caterpillar to butterfly changed my way of thinking. I could relate to the ground crawling caterpillar. But now I can relate to the butterfly. I’m new to your website, and I know I will like your website as much as your book.

    • Peggy, thank you for your comments! I appreciate your kind words about the book (and your support, too!). I’m thankful God has used it to encourage you. Your feedback really blessed me today. I pray God continues to fill you with joy as you trust in Him! 🙂

  4. Valerie Landfair says:

    Thanks, Kristen, for responding.

  5. Thank you so much I am in a quiet house but my mind is not fully trained to be quiet. Yet I push forward in seeking the Lord’s guidance for my life. On Day 3 of fasting.

  6. Hi…I’ve been fasting for a few weeks now and have been reading your devotions. I know that this post was from the beginning of the year, but I’m just now seeing it. This is a bit disturbing. I’ve worked at a few gyms and am working at one now. If any of the issues that you describe, like the loud music from a member or the foul language from the others, they would be addressed. If it didn’t stop, the member(s) would lose their membership. I’m not sure if you still go to that gym, but the behavior is unacceptable. Find someplace else!!

    • I appreciate your feedback! The situation I wrote about has only happened that one time, and it’s not normal. That’s why I had to write about my experience! Yes, I agree. It’s NOT acceptable. If it were a common occurrence, I would definitely find another place.

  7. Hi Kristen, I was recently introduced to the Daniel Fast and your website by a friend of mine. What a great resource this is!! I feel like I have found a treasure trove! I have done other fasts before but this is my first Daniel Fast. I started on 12/29/15 because I need to finish by 1/18/16, so right now I’m on my 5th day. I have tried several of your recipes and really enjoy them…they are easy and satisfying. I found this devotional today and was attracted to it because I am really desiring with all my heart to hear God’s voice and to be obedient to all I hear Him say. This is often very difficult because of so many distractions, as you describe in this devotional. Sometimes it’s the world, sometimes it’s technology, sometimes it’s my chaotic thoughts or distraction because of my long and overwhelming to-do list. Sometimes I have doubt and fear that I’m just not “doing it right”, LOL. The Lord has spoken to me in these last few days, helping me to realize that it’s not about what I do, it’s about the focus of my heart. He will do the rest. He knows how to speak to me in ways I can hear and understand. I just need to make sure I am obedient to all He says, and that I keep on desiring Him with my whole heart. This does involve change and sacrifice, undoubtedly, but I’m believing that the great reward is knowing Him more, seeing His beauty in new ways and living a life of joy and purpose. Thank you for putting your heart into this wonderful ministry, Kristen. You have helped me and many others to discover the huge benefits of fasting to seek the Lord.

    • Vicki, your comments blessed me so much! Thank you for sharing what God has been doing so far in your fast. I just read something from Stormie Omartian this morning that goes along with what you shared: “We become the person God created us to be when we ask God for guidance and then do what He tells us to do.” That’s exactly what you’re talking about! You are right: The greatest reward in this life is knowing the Lord. May God be especially near to you on this fast and overwhelm you with His wonderful, unfailing love. 🙂