Breakfast Recipes for the Daniel Fast

Nutty Fruit Cereal

Nutty Fruit Cereal

When I started my Ultimate Daniel Fast blog in August 2009, I began posting a variety of Daniel Fast friendly recipes–main dishes, snacks, vegetables, soups, and salads. But it wasn’t long before I figured out that the category most people needed help with on the fast is breakfast.

In the United States, a sugar-laden breakfast is often the norm. Just walk down the cereal aisle of any large grocery store and count the number of choices on the shelves, and you’ll see what I mean. We also like donuts, pancakes, muffins, toast, and bagels for our first meal of the day–all of which have little nutritional value. Sometimes we’ll pair these items with a protein, such as bacon, eggs, or ham. But, on the Daniel Fast, none of these foods is allowed.

So what can you eat for breakfast on the Daniel Fast?

You actually have a plethora of options. Following are a few of my favorite Daniel Fast breakfast recipes:

Apple-Cinnamon Hot Cereal
Baked Oatmeal
Fruit Pizza
Nutty Fruit Cereal
Peachy Keen Smoothie (go to “Daniel Fast Smoothies Recipes” for more ideas)

Be sure to visit my “Daniel Fast Breakfast Recipes” page for more ideas.

Remember, anything goes! As long as your food choices fall within the guidelines of the Daniel Fast Food List, you can eat whatever you like. For example, recipes that are listed under the following categories can also be breakfast dishes. 

Daniel Fast Snacks and Appetizers
Daniel Fast Salads
Daniel Fast Soups
Daniel Fast Vegetables
Daniel Fast Main Dishes

If you’ve done the Daniel Fast, what are some of your favorite breakfast recipes?