Divine Appointment

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” – 1 Peter 3:15

“Do you smoke?”

The voice came from above my head. I sat in the driver’s seat of my car with the door ajar, buckling up my Rollerblades for a morning skate on the trail.

“No,” I replied to the twenty-something girl standing beside me. Her question seemed rather odd, especially since I was obviously getting ready to exercise. She walked away without saying another word.

That was weird, I thought. She must be looking for someone who has a lighter. I finished putting on my gear, locked my car, and started toward the trail. The young woman was coming back in my direction. She was sweating profusely and had a distressed look on her face. I sensed the Lord saying, “Talk to her.”

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said, although I wasn’t convinced.

“Are you sure?” I prodded.

“I need a cigarette,” she told me as she walked away. That was the extent of our conversation. However, I continued to think about her as I skated, wishing I’d said more. About 30 minutes later, I saw her on the trail. I smiled and said, “Hi.” She didn’t respond.

When I got back to my car, instead of leaving to go home, I put on my shoes and headed down the trail in her direction. Immediately, I started praying and quoting Scripture, asking God to give me the words to say. I was excited to see what the Lord was going to do.

The girl was nowhere to be found. It was as if she disappeared. I was upset because I knew I should have stopped when I saw her the second time. “I’m sorry, Lord!” I cried.

Today’s experience was a sobering reminder of how important it is to act quickly when God prompts our hearts to speak to someone. Moments of opportunity are fleeting. When they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

I pray the young woman I saw today will find fulfillment in a personal relationship with the Lord. I pray, too, for another opportunity to reach out to someone else like her this week. This time, with God’s help, I won’t miss it.


  1. A Reader says:

    You are blessed of the Lord because you have been obedient to him. Keep going. God has his hand on you. Whatever you desire, you will have…because you’ve put God first in your life.

  2. Thank you for this comment. Your words were such an encouragement at a time when I needed them.:)