Are You Ready for Easter?

Easter 2014 cross“Our God is a God who saves!”  Psalm 68:20 NLT

For believers, Easter Sunday is a high time of worship as we celebrate victory in Christ. But for many, Easter is nothing more than chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs. People who haven’t accepted God’s gift of salvation don’t understand why it’s such a glorious day.

That’s exactly why we must pray.

Over the next three weeks, set aside time to intercede for others, especially for unsaved family and friends to know the Lord. You might consider a Daniel Fast, water fast, or juice fast. Ask God to show you what to do.

Friend, there isn’t time to waste.  Our loved ones need our fervent prayers. Let’s press in and believe God for great things during this Easter season!

(Need guidance on how to pray? Follow my Lent 2014 Prayer Guide).


  1. Johnkid W. Phiri says:

    Good idea, wanna do it as well.

  2. Hello , I just want to say what a blessing the Daniel plan is. It’s wonderful that getting back to our roots of eating is being taught. I believe you will be mightily blessed if you do all things in Bible ways. Then you can be blessed spiritually too. God changes not. Much love in Christ.

  3. You make my day with your beautiful emails . Thank you god bless..

  4. Great idea!! I’m in..