Say “Yes” to the Daniel Fast!

Say "Yes" to the Daniel Fast
This past Sunday morning was like déjà vu. You know, when you feel as if you’ve been in the same situation before. The thing is, I have. Nearly six years ago.

In August 2009, I sat in the same church under the same pastor, hearing the same challenge to seek the Lord through the Daniel Fast. I eagerly accepted. Even though I’d never done a three-week partial fast, I was excited to see what God would do as I submitted to Him. But I had no idea how that one decision – that one “yes” – would change the course of my life.

I couldn’t have dreamed I would write a bestselling book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast.

That my website would become a worldwide resource and ministry tool.

That God would open many doors for writing and speaking.

That I’d publish a second book, Spiritually Strong.

And, that’s just the beginning.

Two days ago, as my pastor shared his reasons for calling our church to a time of praying and fasting, I heard a familiar voice: Will you trust me? Will you commit to three weeks of fervent prayer? Will you set aside your agenda and seek my will?

Again, I answered, “Yes.”

Less than two weeks from today, our church will begin a corporate Daniel Fast. Already, I’m beginning to pray. Already, I’m asking God to prepare my heart and to move powerfully among our church and community. Already, I’m believing this Daniel Fast will be miraculous in ways I can’t even imagine.

God is also calling you. Can you hear His voice? Listen closely because He is speaking.

Will you accept His invitation? Will you step out into the unknown and pursue a deeper relationship with God? Will you commit to a three-week Daniel Fast?

The Lord wants to show His love to you and demonstrate His power in your life. Don’t let fear or disobedience rob you of the blessings God wants to give you.

Just trust Him. Just say, “Yes.”

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  1. Sandra Spettel says:

    “Yes” I desire to join you and your church in this fast. Yes I know this is what the Lord is calling me to. Thank you for this invitation.

  2. “Yes” of course! I also attend James River and was in church when Pastor John had mentioned the Daniel Fast. When I got home that Sunday I looked in iTunes for a book on the fast and downloaded one of the books. I didn’t start to read it until the following Saturday and “it just so happened” that it was your book!! So excited for this time of fast and prayer!

    • Hi, Sarah! Thanks for your comments and for your willingness to seek the Lord through the Daniel Fast. I’m so glad you just “stumbled” upon my book! May the Lord bless you richly as you humble yourself and seek His face!

  3. Praise God! I just came upon this website. I had it saved for God knows how long. Tomorrow I will be on my third day of my Daniel fast. My husband gave me great encouragement and I was just talking with him on how long I would fast…maybe 30 or 10 days! Thank you! 21 days it is. I have wanted to fast for some time. God has been calling me to do so. So far I feel excellent. Keeping my eyes on Him!

  4. DeDe Smith says:

    I’m looking forward to doing the ultimate daniel fast beginning the first week in September. I do it in January and September and every time the Lord draws me closer to Him and it’s wonderful. Even though it’s uncomfortable the first 3 days, I love how I feel gettin the toxins out of my body!

    • DeDe, I’m glad to hear it! May the Lord bless you abundantly as you seek Him through prayer and fasting. Thank you for your faithfulness to intercede!

  5. Constance Crawford says:

    I began the Daniel Fast of the 20th of August. I wasn’t sure how long the LORD would call me to fast because I also feel compelled to set aside 40 days to spend time with HIM. While I am allowed to work from home during this time and have visitors, I am not allowed to leave the house during this time. I have experienced this before and the LORD opened my eyes during this the time period, but this time I am praying that HE will purge me, refine me and prune me as I long for a deeper walk with HIM. I came across your website when I began and although I am unable to afford your book at this time, it blesses me that you have the website and I want to say I appreciate that you include a list of acceptable foods. This is my first time doing a Daniel Fast, in the past I did a 42 day juice fast and I am using this opportunity to juice fruits and vegetables in the morning for breakfast/mid morning snack while eating other vegetables and legumes during the afternoon and evening. I will be praying for your church as you proceed with your corporate fast. Be blessed.

    • May the Lord draw near to you during your fast as you seek to hear from Him and be changed by Him. Thank you for your prayers for our church. We ended our fast today, but we know God isn’t finished working mightily among us! The Lord is faithful to answer the prayers of His people! So, remember that truth as you are seeking God these next few weeks. “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (Ps. 145:18).

  6. Constance Crawford says:

    I forgot to mention that I began taking a supplement in capsule form because the chewables which I would have preferred had sugar added on this past Friday and will be using this as a substitute for breakfast as the three bottles, orchard blend, vineyard blend and garden blend to get all of the nutrients from 30 plus fruits and low in calories and drinking my juice blend for a mid morning snack now. I had thought I would be doing the fast for the entire 40 days but I feel now that it will be for the 21 day period only, and the remainder of the 40 days will be used to slowly incorporate meat, poultry and fish back into my diet. I also feel that the LORD wants me to incorporate more exercise into my lifestyle as I have been on a walker off and on since 2013.

    • I’m glad to hear that you’re committing to increase your exercise level. God will honor your efforts to honor Him by taking better care of your body.

  7. Cassandra McKnight says:

    I’m on board for another three weeks on the Daniel Fast. I’ve been doing the Daniel Fast for the past five years and have engaged my family and friends to join me. Each year there is always one more person to join our circle and our group share scriptures, testimonies, recipes and life experiences. I’m ready for God to elevate me even higher. I’m thankful that I found your ministry- the Ultimate Daniel Fast.

    • That’s wonderful! God will honor your faithfulness to fast and pray. Thank you for your comments and your commitment to seek the Lord. May God bless you abundantly as you put your trust in Him!

  8. Hi Kristen,

    Yes, and your message today about my failures and God’s Grace could not have come at a better time. Maybe God’s been listening all along maybe it’s coincidence, whatever the meaning of it I’m grateful and feel a bit better.

    Keep up the good work it’s appreciated all around the world. xxx

    • Yes, Riette, the Lord hears! “The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help” (Ps. 34:17a NLT). Thank you for sharing how He spoke to you this morning. His love for you is so great that He used a blog post to speak directly to your heart today. He’s so faithful to answer us when we need to hear from Him!

  9. Yes! Last January my church did a 21-day fast of our choosing. I did the Daniel Fast. Last Sunday our pastor announced that we will be doing the Daniel Fast. I love what the Lord did during our fast last January and I look forward to January 2016! Thank you for your ministry, your honesty (today’s email) and your encouragement. You are a huge blessing!

    • That’s wonderful, Lisa! God has laid the fast on your pastor’s heart because He has something amazing to do in and through your church! I pray that your congregation will experience a supernatural unity as you pray together. I know we are seeing God’s hand moving in miraculous ways in our church as a result of our most recent fast. God is faithful, and He answers the prayers of His people! By the way, do you know if your church will be selling copies of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast? I hope so because it will be a very helpful resource for your fast. Praise God for what He’s going to do!

  10. Carrie Hill says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am in a state of mind that prohibits me from attempting to fast. Don’t quit know why though. I know the benefits of fasting, but just can’t seem to prepare myself mentally to engage; not even for a whole day. Want to participate in this 3-week fast but am afraid I won’t make it. Feeling shameful and helpless to have to admit this too. Had a spiritual mother who I could go to for support but she passed in 2013 and it has been a struggle since then to commit to fasting. Currently going through some other spiritual battles with my former church and my family. I’ve brought these things under subjection of the Holy Spirit, because I know He is able to deliver me. But I still feel inadequate to commit to fasting. I need much prayer in order to be successful in this fast!

    • Carrie, you are certainly not alone! Every time I get ready to fast, I struggle. I, too, know and enjoy the benefits of fasting. I’ve seen God do amazing things as a result. But when I commit to a fast, I also struggle with fear. The Enemy comes against me and tries to discourage me from doing it. Fasting is a battle, no doubt about it. And the battle doesn’t begin on Day 1. It actually rages just as much as you get ready to start! That’s when we have to trust in the Lord and KNOW He will carry us through to the end. God will provide the strength you need. He is faithful! All you have to do is believe His promises and stand on the truth of His Word. You can do it through Him!

    • Carrie, you should also consider asking someone (or maybe a few friends) to do the fast with you. That will help you with accountability and support.

  11. Liti Veikoso says:

    Hi Kristen,
    Thanks so much for being a channel of Gods love and faithfulness . I have been greatly encouraged by your blog and always look forward to your emails ….
    God bless you and your precious family. Thanks for the invitation, and I accept and would like to fast in agreement with your church!

    “Thanks for giving to the Lord. I am a life that has been changed.”

  12. Hi Ms. Kristen, thank you for this blog.. and I say this fast because I been thinking about it and I do not want to miss hearing God’s voice. I WILL B ATTENDING A BIBLE CONFRENCE Next WEEK AND I WANT TO BE CleAR ON WHAT God is saying. Thank you for standing in the Gap 4 us and listening to God. Thank u

    • Hi, Tiffiny! I appreciate your encouragement so much. If you desire to hear God’s voice and press in to know Him more, you won’t be disappointed. God hears the prayers of His people, and He answers! I pray that you are able to hear clearly from the Lord at the conference, that you can sense His presence in a very real way. May He pour out His favor on your life as you serve Him!

  13. Hi, i have promised to God that i will fast for 10days abstaining from meat, eggs and milk . But just today i ate carelessly , i have consumed food product which contained cane sugar. Do i have to restart the whole 10days?

    • First of all, know that the Lord doesn’t condemn you (Rom. 8:1). He understands your (our) weaknesses. Second, once you’ve confessed your failure to the Lord, receive His forgiveness and walk in His grace. Finally, the decision on how to handle your fast from here on out is a personal one. You could start over, or you could pick up where you left off and finish strong. Ask the Lord what HE would have you to do. I believe He will direct your thoughts in the direction you should go.

  14. Joyce A. Hilts says:

    Like Carrie cheerfully exclaimed in the previous comment…YES, YES, YES, Kristen I WILL join and WILL complete THIS Daniel Fast. Since you started the online Daniel Fast, I would sign up, and even go a couple of days and then STOP. I’m praying that GOD will strengthen me to complete THIS Fast, because we will be entering in 2016 into a year of JUBILEE, and I want to start the year off RIGHT, and receive all that the LORD has for me and my family. Pray for my strength, and I will pray for your strength as well. Thank you Kristen, for your obedience which is drawing others to the Light…CHRIST. GOD bless you.

    • Joyce, the Lord will give you the strength and perseverance you need. Just look to Him and resolve to finish. “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10). I pray you will experience God’s supernatural presence as you fast and pray. He is faithful, and He will help you!

  15. I’m in! I will be getting your books soon. My husband has decided to do it with me this time also. Will keep you, your family and your church in our prayers and all of those on your website! God Bless You! Sandy

    • Great, Sandy! I’m so glad to hear your husband will be doing the fast as well. May the Lord fill you with His power and peace as you seek Him! Thanks for praying!

  16. HI! Is it ok for me to eat brown rice spirals? The ingredents are organic brown rice, water, and rice bran.

  17. YES!!!