Daniel Fast Smoothie

berry blast smoothie

Berry Blast Smoothie

1 cup water or any unsweetened non-dairy milk (such as almond, coconut, rice or soy)
1 cup frozen blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries
1 banana, peeled

Yield: 1 serving (serving size: about 8 ounces or 1 cup)

Recipe Notes

  • Your smoothie will taste best if either the berries or the banana is frozen. To freeze bananas, remove peels before placing in freezer. Put in a plastic zip-top bag until completely frozen.
  • To make this a “green” smoothie, add 1 cup of fresh spinach or kale leaves (stems removed from the kale).
  • Add 1 tablespoon flaxseed meal for a fiber boost.


  1. Thanks for your recipes and time you put in to help others during this fast.

    Thank u

    • You are so welcome! I consider it a privilege and honor that God allows me to do so. πŸ™‚

      • Kenisha wakefield says:

        When fast what time u can eat and not eat

        • The number of times you eat throughout the day is a personal decision. Some people choose to eat three meals. Some might add a snack or two in between. Others may skip a meal to pray. There isn’t a particular formula for the frequency of meals. Let God guide you as to what your fast should look like!

  2. Michael Dutton says:

    We start our Daniels Fast on the 8th and I am definately using your website and recipes. Thank you for the time you took to put into this. I appreciate you

    • I’m glad to hear you’ll be seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting! I pray the recipes and devotions are a huge blessing to you. Thank you for your encouragement and comments.

      • Thank you again! You helped me so much in 2015! I’m doing it again. Can you give me some recipes for energy during the fast? Because I work at night. Thanks! Many blessings!

        • You’re welcome! Can you be more specific as to what you’re looking for with the recipes? All of the recipes on my website provide energy! πŸ™‚ So, if you can explain your need in more detail, I might be able to suggest a few in particular.

  3. Chameka Jacques says:

    Your website is so helpful. I thank you for taking your time to help newbies like myself through the fast. I would have not been able to do it if God had not put this in your spirit. Day 2! Woo hoo! Thanks a million!

  4. I tried the smoothie this morning with strawberries, bananas and raspberries. I always make my smoothies this way but I use sweetened almond milk. Today I used water instead and I must have done something wrong because it was not delicious! I did use your exact fruits because I did not have blackberries and I do not enjoy blueberries. I guess I will have to try a different smoothie.

    • You could certainly use unsweetened almond milk for this recipe (or any other non-dairy milk). In fact, I should have added that to the ingredients list (which I just did). That recipe was written a long time ago before I discovered almond milk. I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated it! Sorry about that! One reason the smoothie seemed so bland is because you’re used to the sweetened almond milk. So, you might want to give it another try. I’ve been using unsweetened coconut milk in my smoothies lately and really like it.

  5. Is it okay to make the smoothie with almond milk or coconut milk? I do not like the smoothie with water.

  6. Hi im new to this Daniel Fast and I find recipes that haven’t been to he greatest so I really want to do it it’s just hard and I don’t want to give up. So I’m looking into your recipes and hope they do a lot better

  7. My family members and I began the fast on 1:6 and this website has been amazing for us!!! Thank you!

  8. What about Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and egg substitutes ?

  9. Hi Kristen! I am on day 2 of the fast, sorry I started so late, but I was just wondering will my body go into starvation mode because I really don’t want to gain weight, and I don’t want to really lose that much either, but I am doing this for The Lord. Can you give me some advice please

    • Hi, Sidney! Your body won’t go into starvation mode! The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, which means you can eat some food. Most of the time, I don’t lose or gain. I usually stay about the same. Some people, though, lose several pounds. It all depends what your eating habits were BEFORE the fast and then how much you eat while on the fast. I would suggest getting a copy of my book to help you. I provide devotions, 100+ recipes, and three weeks of meal plans. Plus, there is a section that explains the fast and how to create your own fasting plan. Adding some structure might take the fear out of it for you.

  10. Kristen, I plan on starting the Daniel Fast very soon and I am very excited. I usually start off my day with a sugar free protein powder and almond milk or coconut milk. Will i still be able to have it on Daniel Fast?

    • You’ll have to check the ingredients in the protein powder. Most “powders” contain ingredients that aren’t allowed on the fast (chemicals, dairy products, sugar, etc.). Yes, you can have unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

  11. Is there any way to make a smoothie that does NOT have a banana. I would like to try one, but I am allergic to bananas and yogurt. Yikes! Any help? Thank you.

  12. Charlinel says:


    We are getting ready to start our Daniel fast and I wanted to know can I use honey or agave syrup for a sweetener?

    • I’m glad to hear you’ll be seeking the Lord through the Daniel Fast! To answer your question, no added sweeteners are allowed on the fast (honey, agave nectar, sugar, etc.). See Food Guidelines for more information.

  13. I made this after dinner for dessert, very good, kids loved it. Thanks!

  14. My husband and I are staring the fast Sunday with our church. Do you have any tips for us because we are trying to do the fast but we’re limited income wise to buy all the meals and things for recipes. Any helpful tips would be awesome.

    • Hi! I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing the Daniel Fast together AND with your church family. Yes, I do have many tips for you. πŸ™‚ I would recommend getting a copy of my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. You will find the information extremely helpful as you prepare. May God bless you richly as you hunger for Him!

  15. Japonica Lewis says:

    I made this smoothie and it is great. I followed exactly what you have in the receipt. Only one thing I had sweet almond milk. I didn’t know they had an unsweetened one. Next time I will try it. Thanks again. God bless you!!

  16. Loving these recipes while on the fast. Thank you πŸ˜‰

  17. I am a bit confused. The Daniel fast says you are only allowed to drink water, so how can one drink a smoothie and still be considered as partaking in the fast? The recipes sound wonderful, but I’m confused as to how they are accurate. Wonderful site though! Thanks for all the recipes!!! God Bless!!!

  18. Isaac Williams says:

    I am so thankful for this website and all the amazing recipes that are on this site! I am attending a nine month missionary program and my twenty classmates and I are spending the next twenty one days doing a Daniel fast to seek Gods plan for our lives. I was dreading this and was terrified about the big change but fortunately I was lead to this site and I must say I am much more confident that I’ll actually make it! God bless you and all that your doing! Thanks!

  19. In your recipe, you say 1 Cup of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. So do you mean 3 cups, since you used the word “and” between blueberries and raspberries? Or did you mean to say “or” between ” them?

  20. Heather Behnke says:

    Hello Kristen! My boyfriend and my mom and I just started this fast Monday with our church and it’s been wonderful being able to have this deeper connection with God! The fast was and is still a little bit difficult because before I would indulge too much so my physical and spiritual body were having issues!! But now I’m feeling so much better and I’m so thankful for this website and your wonderful advice thank you so much!! I will try these smoothies tomorrow.

  21. Stacie Thornton says:

    just wanted to say thanks! I have cooked about 5 receipts from ur book. We r living on ur book during our church fast. My mom order about 30 books for our church! God bless u! I take it everywhere!

  22. Hello,
    I wanted to know when making a smoothie can I use orange juice or can I squeeze the juice from an orange into the blender with the fruit to make my smoothie?

  23. Thanks so much for all your amazing and delicious recipes. this is the first time I have done this fast and I am loving it. thanks and God bless, Kristen.

  24. Rachel Landrum says:

    Are the Naked juice smoothies ok, when you are traveling on a daniels fast? Not sure if they contain “no no’s”

  25. I tried the berrie blast this morning using frozen blueberries, strawberries, a few green grapes, a dash of cinnamon, a little oatmeal and about 1 1/2 cups of almond coconut milk, excellent!

  26. Starting tomorrow on the Daniel Fats. was just looking for recipes and tips! Thanks so much!

  27. I love this smoothie!!! I made it with unsweetened almond milk ( which I never thought I would like) and spinach. It was the first time in months I felt energy like I used to have. I’m only 47 so I’m too young to be tired all of the time. I’ve also tried the Roasted Chickpeas. I like the way the flavor of the spices blend together. It’s only been a couple of days and I’m not strict but I’ve already lost 2.5 lbs. I’m focusing on detoxing from sugar. I feel wonderful! I also haven’t suffered from a migraine since I started this. What a blessing! I’m looking forward to trying more recipes and gradually changing to a healthier way of living. Thank you!

    • Angela, thanks so much for your positive feedback. May the Lord continue to fill you with His power as you fast and pray! Praise God for the victories He’s given you physically and spiritually! Keep up the good work.:)

  28. Hi Kristen! Love everything on your website, I’ll be doing my first Daniel Fast in January. I read through the food list, I normally put protein powder in my smoothies. Is protein powder on the “do not eat” list? Loved your blog about Georgia, God Bless You!

  29. Stephanie Whitmire says:

    I would really like to know a substitute for bananas in smoothie recipes. I am allergic. Thanks.

  30. Roanglia Benjamin says:

    I need to know can we have raisin bran cereal on the fast.

  31. i have always not been able to be successful when fasting and i really need the support and hoping these will help me. i will be starting in a couple of weeks and now i am in consecration. is there any other info you can help me with?

  32. Andrea Michener says:

    Thank you for the smoothie recipes! I used blueberries and my two children were lining up to try it! πŸ˜‰