Protein Powder on the Daniel Fast

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

The Daniel Fast is an extremely healthy way of eating and provides a wide variety of nutrients that nourish the body. Sometimes, though, people get nervous about a three-week abstinence from meat, dairy, and eggs. They’re worried that the Daniel Fast foods won’t supply them with adequate protein. I understand their concern.

But animal products aren’t the only foods that contain high amounts of protein. Beans, lentils, quinoa, nuts, seeds, asparagus, broccoli, kale, spinach, and sprouts are good sources of this important nutrient as well.

If you have a medical condition that requires you to keep your protein levels higher than 20% or you do serious weight lifting, you may consider using a protein powder to supplement your intake. You can’t just use any protein powder, though. Remember, since animal products aren’t allowed, anything with whey is not acceptable.

Protein powder that’s Daniel Fast friendly is one that’s vegan, plant-based, and free of any form of added sugar or caffeine (that includes chocolate!). Check the ingredients label to be sure the powder adheres to the Daniel Fast food guidelines.

I used protein powder for the first time during my August 2015 Daniel Fast, and I was able to make a variety of delicious smoothies with it (see my Smoothies page for recipe ideas). Sometimes I had a smoothie for breakfast. Other days I enjoyed a refreshing smoothie as a snack after my morning workout.

If you’ve used protein powder on the Daniel Fast, what type(s) of protein powder do you like?



  1. Lesley Woods says:

    Can you recommend a protein powder? I normally use Vega, but I found that it contains stevia. and I would really like to have a protein shake. Also, one of your recipes calls for flaxseed powder and someone in my family is allergic. Can you substitute coconut flour or something else? Thanks!!

    • Hi, Lesley! I like Garden of Life (unflavored). Yes, you can always substitute flaxseed meal with whole grain flour. Sometimes, depending upon the recipe, you can leave it out completely. Thanks for your questions! May God bless you abundantly as you fast and pray!

  2. I am to begin a fast Monday, 9/5/16, and I would like to see a list of foods, a recipe on the protein smoothies, the proteins to use, and the recipes for the foods.

  3. I found a great plant based protein powder at Walmart that I’ve been using. It’s “protein and greens” by Vega and cost about $24. It’s gluten free, no added sugar, non-gmo, 20g of protein per scoop. I use the vanilla flavor with soy milk.

  4. Thank you so much for your website. I do have your book, but I love being able to quickly access allowed foods and recipes. A group of women including myself are starting a Daniel Fast on 9/18/16 for restoration and healing of marriages. I’ve recommended your book and your site.

    • Hi, Carla! I appreciate your kindness so much. I pray the Lord will strengthen you and your friends as you seek Him through the Daniel Fast. Thank you for interceding!

  5. Pea Protein Powder – the NOW Brand, sells for only $14.99 at Local health stores – if they carry it, sell it for about $30! I’ve been using it for a number of years – and have searched prices, never finding this at a lower price unless someone has a website coupon occasionally. It has something like 28 grams protein per serving and blends well in smoothies with no noticeable flavor. Since I am gluten and dairy intolerant, this has been the best option for me. I’m not a representative for All Star Health – just a savvy shopper with dietary issues looking for quality.

  6. Wilma Stephens says:

    I found a good quick out the door breakfast to replace coffee mornings. 1 cup hot water, pumpkin pie spices and a scope of pure canned pumpkin. Sometimes I put a little almond or coconut milk in it. Mornings are busy with school.

  7. deborah richardson says:

    love your site I know its no mistake. I search for you. God works in mysterious ways. you are a blessing for me today as I have been praying and believing with patience for my prayer to be answered, it is being answered right now thru your site. God bless you and thank you, for letting the holy spirit use you to help so many people to draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. YOU ARE LOVED! Deborah Richardson

  8. HD Essential Protein Pure Powder from Hallelujah Acres