How to Prepare for the Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is a unique type of fast because you can actually eat, unlike a liquid fast where only water or juices are consumed. But just because you can have food doesn’t mean the Daniel Fast is easy. Fasting, in any form, is difficult because you’re doing battle physically and spiritually. However, there are steps you can take to strengthen you […]

Why Christians are Slow to Fast

The Bible doesn’t come right out and say, “Thou shalt fast.” But there are several examples of fasting in both the Old and New Testaments. When Jesus taught his disciples basic principles of godly living in the Sermon on the Mount, He spoke directly on the topic of fasting. He said, “When you fast,” not “If you fast.” […]

January 2016 Ultimate Daniel Fast – FIGHT!

This past year I’ve struggled more with prayer than during any other time in my life. There have been days I haven’t wanted to pray. And I didn’t. There have also been times when I couldn’t pray because the hurt was so deep. My heart has been heavy for family members who continue to reject […]

Your Future Starts NOW

This past weekend I attended the Designed for Life Women’s Conference at JQH Arena in Springfield, MO. It was a power-packed event – not just because of the world-class speakers – Robert Madu, Holly Wagner, and Julia A’Bell – but because God spoke. Each message I heard challenged me, but one in particular stood out […]

In Your Anger, Do Not Sin

Last year I saw an interesting road sign at Virginia Beach. I knew I’d use it in a blog post at some point. Well, today is the day. It’s an appropriate visual for what I experienced this afternoon. After working on the computer for a few hours this morning, I decided to take a break. I went rollerblading. As I […]

God is Proud of You

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I was having lunch with my friends who are missionaries in El Salvador. For about an hour, we shared what the Lord is doing in our lives. Mostly, I just sat and listened, gleaning from their godly wisdom. I soaked in their passion for ministering to hurting people, secretly […]

Your Failures and God’s Grace

I blew it yesterday. Not once. Not twice. But three times. If I’d been playing baseball, I would have completely struck out. The day started out well. I went to the gym, rode 17 miles on my bike, worked on the computer, and visited a friend. By 3:00pm, though, I was tired. As I sat […]

Pray for Our Babies

She was only 16. Pretty, outgoing, and full of hope for the future. Her plan was to attend college after graduation. Then she got pregnant. But despite the shame and fear she felt, a scared, young girl chose to let her baby live. And, I’m so thankful she did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. Since the […]

Say “Yes” to the Daniel Fast!

This past Sunday morning was like déjà vu. You know, when you feel as if you’ve been in the same situation before. The thing is, I have. Nearly six years ago. In August 2009, I sat in the same church under the same pastor, hearing the same challenge to seek the Lord through the Daniel Fast. I eagerly […]

While She Still Breathes

I sit next to my friend, Georgia, while she sleeps in her bed. Her body is wracked with infection. Her organs are shutting down. She hasn’t been able to eat or drink in more than a week. While Georgia inhales and exhales deeply, I watch. I listen. In and out, in and out. Every two seconds. […]