January 2018 Daniel Fast Begins Soon

January 2018 Daniel Fast
It’s hard to believe that soon we’ll be saying good-bye to 2017 and hello to 2018. Even though we’re still several weeks away from January, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about how to start the New Year off right. I believe the best way to kick off 2018 is through the January 2018 Online Daniel Fast.

I want to invite you to participate in the January 2018 Daniel Fast, which will be held Sunday, January 7th, through Saturday, January 27th. When you join the fast through my website, ultimatedanielfast.comyou commit to seeking the Lord through focused prayer for 21 days. You also deny yourself certain foods as an act of worship to the Lord. 

Make plans now to join me and thousands of people around the world as we seek the Lord together. Registration for the January 2018 Daniel Fast begins Thursday, Dec. 7th, here on my Ultimate Daniel Fast website.

This January will be my seventh year to lead the online Daniel Fast. I’ve been working diligently since September to prepare, and I can’t wait to share the details with you in a few weeks! The Lord has been helping me get everything ready for our start date, which is only 52 days from today. (Yikes!)

The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel FastThe January 2018 Daniel Fast is going to be a powerful, life-changing experience. You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to hear from the Lord and see him work in miraculous ways. For help in preparing for the January 2018 Daniel Fast, you can benefit from the resources in my book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast, which is available online or in bookstores.

Mark your calendar for two important dates that are coming up quickly: December 7th to sign up for the fast, and January 7th to start!

I’m looking forward to all the wonderful things God is going to do as we fast and pray!

Kristen Feola



  1. Rosario Rodelo says:

    With all honesty on my first 2016 Daniel Fast, I was in survivor mode. On my second 2017 Daniel Fast, I struggled on the last week. Now I’m so looking forward to the 2018 Daniel Fast, I’m planning it and praying for it; essessital elements that I so overlooked the last two fasts.

    • I’m so glad to hear you’re on board again! I believe your third fast is going to be your best yet. You know what to expect and what you need to do. God will give you everything you need to succeed. He is faithful!

  2. Hi, this is going to be my 1st time doing the daniel fasting. Any advice will help. This fasting Is going to be for my mother.

    • I’m so glad to hear it, Adriana! God will help you. I recommend getting a copy of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. It will be EXTREMELY helpful for you as you prepare. You’ll also have access to 100+ recipes, 21 daily devotions, and other resources to make your fast successful. Also, you might want to read my blog post, How to Prepare for the Daniel Fast. May the Lord work powerfully in your life as you seek Him, as well as in your mother’s life!

  3. The Daniel Fast has been a tremendous blessing. I am excited to see the theme for this year!!! There is nothing like being spiritually prepared to hear what the Lord would want us to purpose in our livee as begin this new year. While it’s not going to be easy, I am eager to take on this challenge, Let us LIVE in the Spirit!!

    • Amen! I’m so glad to hear that you’re ready for the January 2018 Daniel Fast! It’s going to be a great experience as we seek the Lord together. Registration begins in two days! 🙂

  4. Hello,
    This will be my first Daniel fast. I have been reading about it for about a week now and I’m starting to get real excited. The only thing is that I don’t see a cut and dry answer bout seasonings and what you can use if any. LIke season all salt or onion/garlic powder. Please help. Also what is the best kind of olive oil to use? Thanks

    • Hi, Michelle! I’m glad to hear you’re interested in the Daniel Fast! You can use any seasonings you like. Sometimes you will find sites that don’t allow salt, but you can use salt in moderation. Also, the best kind of olive oil is extra-virgin, first cold pressed (means the olive was crushed exactly one time – i.e., the “first press.” The “cold” refers to the temperature range of the fruit at the time it’s crushed). Thanks for your questions. I pray the Lord does wonderful things in your life as you submit to Him through prayer and fasting!